Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sega are retooling Valkyria: Azure Revolution based on demo feedback.

Reaction to the demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution was been pretty... negative.  I just saw some footage of it and was like newp. To quote myself,
"What the hell was this game supposed to be before they slapped the Valkyria name on it?"
"It sure doesn't look very good or fun."
At the very least, it sure didn't look or play or seem like a Valkyria Chronicles title.  Specifically, it looked like a pretty mediocre action game (with lovely presentation), as opposed to a tactical, turn-based affair - which is what Valkyria Chronicles actually is.

Well, here's the bullet-point news we got today from Azure Revolution's director, detailing the reaction to the demo.

  • The Battle Demo ver. 1.0 got about three times the amount of player feedback as they had expected.
  • There was plenty of harsh feedback.
  • The battle system will get a big change from the demo version. You’ll be able to see more detail on the official website, but it is more RPG-like now.
  • The battle in the demo version was a lot more on the action-side for an RPG, so you couldn’t strategize too well while playing, so a new action gauge has been added for allies and enemies.
  • The system will make it so that actions can be done when the gauge fills up.
  • It’s been changed so that a player can optionally stop time while using weapons and abilities.
  • Because it has the Valkyria name to its title, Ozawa felt that a more strategic kind of battle would be in demand. 
Let's highlight that bit. 
"Because it has the Valkyrie name to its title, Ozawa felt that a more strategic kind of battle would be in demand."
Well no shit, Sherlock.
  • That said, since you’ll be fighting with a unit, in order to properly use your allies allies he’s thinking of a way to customize their AI. They’re also adding a way to add direct commands.
  • The total number of party members has been changes from three to four members.
  • Field encounters have been removed.
  • The next demo is expected to be available sometime this summer.
Source: Siliconera. 

Now, much as I appreciate the thought that Sega appreciates the concept that a Valkyria game should be, y'know, a tactical RPG, what terrifies me is the thought that the next Valkyria game is going to be one of these abortive affairs that gets retooled so much throughout its gestation that it has no real core, no cohesiveness, and a bunch of half-baked systems that don't work out in the end. 

Then the game is shit. 

Then the game gets a shitty critical reception, and is purchased by no one, and then Sega turns around and says "a-doiii, nobody bought the last Valkyria game - we shouldn't make any more!"

"But Sir, maybe if we make a Valkyria game that's not shit..?"

"Nope!  The game's shit level is immaterial!  If a shit game with the Valkyria name on it can't move units, the Valkyria name is worthless!  Now Sonic - there's a name that can move units regardless of its shit level!"

"But Sir..."


On the other hand, what if they fix everything and it turns out to be not-shit?  That'd be awesome!

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