Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Town events come to Darkest Dungeon this Thursday.

So on Thursday the 19th, when you return from a dungeon run back to your estate in Darkest Dungeon, you may find things a bit different.  Maybe the brothel is shut down for laundry day, but prices in the tavern and gambling hall are better!  Maybe a new, high level hero just strode into town looking to enter your service, or perhaps there has been an outbreak of plague and now you're royally-extra-screwed instead of just royally.  There'll be 40 different town events, some are random, some are triggered after completing certain types of quests in dungeons, and it's just another deck of crazy cards for the hidden Darkest dungeon master to draw from.

Ah Darkest Dungeon.  When will you cease with the awesome?

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