Sunday, June 12, 2016

E3 2016 - The Bethesda press conference.

Alright, Beth.  EA set the bar so low it's more of a speed bump.  Bring it onnnn.

...twenty minute late, it actually starts!

The rumored Quake is in fact back!

Prerendered trailer. Quake Champions is the name.  Is it from id?  YES IT IS noice.  "A competitive, arena-style FPS for PC designed for players of all skill levels."  Huh.  It'll run at 120hz "with unlocked framerates."  A variety of heroes with different attributes and abilities...

"Join us at QuakeCon in August and we'll have even more to talk about."

Now Pete Hines is up.

Ugh they're playing so much music from DOOM it just makes me want to go play DOOM.  He's clapping Bethesda on the back for an awesome 2015 (Elder Scrolls Online console version, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, console mods, DOOM).

Now he's talking about Elder Scrolls Legends, a CCG for tablets and smartphones and such.

They're showing the intro cinematic... feed cuts out... still an intro cinematic for a CCG... and now it's over, yay!

Nope, still talkin' about it.  Comin' to PCs, iPhones, Mac, and Android phones.

And now we're going to Bethesda Game Studios...

More DLC!  Contraptions.  Elevators, track kits, weapon racks, armor racks, conveyor belts, "Contraptions WorkShop" comes next week.

Now Vault Tec Workshop - build your own Vault.  ...seriously?  Where do I get to build a Vault?  I can experiment on dwellers!  Coming in July.


lol Nuka World - book your wasteland vacation August 2016.

Now an update is coming to Fallout Shelter which I will never play again 'cause I lost all my microtransaction-unlocked gear thanks to a bug on the Android version!

Annnd yes, Skyrim remaster is happening.  WEWT.

With mod support on consoles!  Skyrim Special Edition is the name.  Do we get a release date..?  Newp.

Dude from Arkane is up!  Wewt!

They're making a new game, still first-person, in a new universe.

Set in 2032.  It's like a horror Groundhog Day with shotguns and... I have no idea wtf is going on but this looks awesome.  Gimmie a title!

PREY!  FFS.  Awesome.

Coming next year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.  I can't find the trailer anywhere!  Oop, there it is.

Now a dude from id is up to talk about Doom Snapmap.  "New construction modules, new props, objects, weapons and items."  And single-player missions.  Huh.

And "starting tonight you can download and play the first level of DOOM on Steam, PS4 or Xbox One for free."  This offer is only good this week.

And now Elder Scrolls Online is up.

Holy shit.  He says the Elder Scrolls Online community is "more than 7 million people."  That's like approaching WoW numbers.  I had no idea it had done so well.

The Dark Brotherhood DLC is coming to consoles soon.  Holy shit.  They're also doing a thing - "One Tamriel" - where all players will essentially be the same level with any monster they face - you can group with anyone, and explore anywhere.

Very, very, very cool. Coming to Elder Scrolls Online this fall.

Different guy's up!  Apparently Bethesda is getting in to VR!

They have the new DOOM running in VR.  Oh my.

And Fallout 4.



Coming in 2017 to HTC Vive (Fallout 4).

And finally, Dishonored 2!  Gameplay!  F yes!  Okay no it's not gameplay it's just swooping around in-engine scenes... still looks nice!

He's talking a lot about building the world, and it sounds like... a very great deal of thought has gone into it.  New engine!

But no gameplay?  Really?  You're launching this year and you don't show gameplay?

Now he's talking about Emily Caldwin growing up, affected by what she witnessed in the first game.  "We developed a vision for Emily Caldwin that excited us."  Oop!  NOW there's some gameplay!

Emily and Corvo are both fully voiced this time, with their own perspectives.  Whoever you choose to play, you flee Dunwall to the city of Karnaka to try to take back what's yours.  It's all opening-scene gameplay - no action yet.

"The Void engine" - designed for atmospheric and exploration-rich environments.  All of your abilities can be upgraded through all-new skill trees.  There's an area where you're using a god's timepiece to wander through a ruined mansion, and slip into the mansion's past at will to assassinate dudes - looks cool.

Coming to everything important on Nov 11, 2016.  And now an official gameplay trailer!

A limited edition (remember Fallout 4?) will be available.  If you preorder "for a limited time only" you'll get the Dishonored definitive edition free.  Wonder what the limited time is?

And that's all she wrote!  Much like EA, they (mostly) talked about a bunch of stuff we were already aware of - unlike EA, they actually showed stuff from their games!  I really enjoyed all that Dishonored stuff!  It makes me wanna' go unwrap the Dishonored Definitive Edition I grabbed last month.

But for now, I need to wrap up some bloggery...

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