Sunday, June 12, 2016

E3 2016 - The Electronic Arts press conference.

Here we go!  Microsoft is leakin' like mad and it's time for the first press conference of the showwww.  Let's hope this is better than last year's, EA (you'll be hard pressed to do much worse).  ...currently four minutes late...

...let's check out Twitter...

Holy crap EA, it's been ten minutes now and your YouTube stream still says "starts at 1:00PM."  Maybe it's time to update that.

Alright, let's switch over to Easy Allies for a bit of chatter. Oh now it starts.

Okay bring it on, EA.  Rock my world.  Bring Dead Space back.

"A quick glimpse into a bunch of great stuff that we have in development," says the CEO.  Hopefully not too quick!  Hopefully we get a real look at something!  Or some things.

And there's also a press conference going on in London with Peter Moore.  ...for some reason.  "We'll take a look at the future of EA Star Wars games," and there'll be new Mass Effect stuff and Titanfall 2.

They're going to live-steam an hour of Battlefield 1 gameplay after this show.

Ah now we get to see some Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Titanfall continues to look mad sexy.  "Six new titans, each with their own combat abilities, more customization options and a deep progression system."  There'll be a multiplayer beta, you can sign up right now at

He's excited to confirm single player for the people who didn't see the leak this morning.  Offline, to go "deeper into the Titanfall universe."

Coming October 28, PS4, One and PC.

And here's the trailer from this morning!  Still a nice trailer.

And now there's a football game up!  Excuse me xzzz....

Madden 17.  No one cares.  Peter Moore is up in London.

"Competition in the world of gaming is Esports..."  I wonder how many gamers actually give a crap about esports?  For example - I don't.

...they've been talking about a "Madden championship" for about five minutes now.  Feels like twenty.  But a thing at the bottom of the screen says Mass Effect is comin' up next!

Oh my God shut up about Esports.

Email to Chamberlain: "Thank God they're talking about Madden Esports.  I was really worried we wouldn't get new footage and details of guys who play Madden a lot. "

And they're still talking about it.  And apparently EA is putting up a million dollars in prize money for the EA Esports this year.  Yayyy.

BioWare is up!

"At the heart of Mass Effect Andromeda is a question - how far will we go?"  You're trying to help humanity find a new home.  Everything is new "new species, new technologies, new planets."  "This is a galaxy where you are the alien."  "How far will we go is also at the heart of development of ME Andromeda."

"A whole new cast of characters and more choice than you've ever had in a BioWare game."  and there's another behind-the-scenes look...

Not really a trailer, but there's a ton of footage at least.  Very good-looking.  Frostbite engine.  We'll learn more later this year, apparently.

"We have a new program called Play to Give - we bring together in-game challenges with charitable donations."  EA is gonna' donate 1 million dollars to charity "in celebration of EA play."  Okay.

Back to Peter Moore in London.  Now he's talking about FIFA 17.

Wake me when it's over.

FIFA 17 will have a big story-driven campaign mode it seems.  The Journey, they're calling it.

But there'll be a "Star Wars update" in five minutes!

...still talking about soccer, though. Something about managers...

...and now the FIFA 17 producer is coming out.  Siiiigh.

Now a guy is up to remind us that they published Unraveled.

"We are committed to working with small developers, finding these great new games..." EA Originals announced.  "Its about taking unique, gorgeous, innovative and memorable" experiences and "bringing them to the world."  And "helping developers make the most of their games."

"Lastly, it's about funding and offering a level of security." "These small developers have risked themselves to create a new IP."  All profit goes back into the hands of the developers (after EA's investment is recouped, I'd imagine).

First EA Originals game - "Fe."

Cute little big-eared shadow fox-thing... "A personal narrative about our relationship with nature."

Everything that lives in the forest has its own "song," which will allow you to explore.  And there are bad guys called "the silent ones," you must evade them "with stealth and cunning."

Jade Raymond is up to talk about "our Star Wars games"!

They're reminding us of their current Star Wars games... "next year you're gonna' get a new installment of Star Wars Battlefront - led by Dice in collaboration with Motive."  "We're listening to our players and adding more of what you want, including content from the new films."

In 2018 is a new Action-adventure from Visceral (Amy Hennig).  An original story in the Star Wars universe, and "more amazing projects in store," including our partners at Respawn Entertainment - a third-person action-adventure game.

"Here's a special peek behind the curtain at the EA Star Wars games we're working on with Lucasfilm."

Holy crap they showed like five seconds of the Hennig/Visceral game - just a guy walking out of a door but it looks sexy:

And now we're down to the last game - Battlefield 1.  A tiny piece of the trailer "you'll get to see the full version in just a bit."

They're going to have some real players... and they have Jamie Foxx and Zach Ephron... very un-convincingly suggesting they're super-hyped to play it... wow that fell flat...

But now they're showing the full version of that trailer and it does indeed look very sexy.  Annnd that's the end of EA's show.

What a complete let-down.  Way to suck, EA.

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