Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hyper Light Drifter console ETA update!

Wooo!  Speaking of Hyper Light Drifter, it's 20% off on Steam right now.  In other news, Heart Machine threw up a Kickstarter update today, addressing the title's progress on your beloved home consoles.  Here's the deets:

PS4 + Xbox One - We are incredibly close to wrapping up our QA/pre-cert process with the fine folks at The Research Centaur. We also are very near getting our age ratings in Europe and other territories - a process that takes plenty of time and money and hoops to jump through depending on the ratings body. This means we can submit for certification on both platforms incredibly soon!  
Wii U - We are finalizing last details on this port by next month, and will have more info then.
But more importantly (to me),
Vita - A more difficult platform, due to it's limited processing power and memory. Much optimization must be done in order for our game to run smoothly for the entirety of the experience. Luckily, we have external support taking charge on this port so we aren't ripping our own hair out. We're getting closer, but again, this is a Fall release at the earliest considering the amount of effort being poured in on this port.
"A Fall release at the earliest!"  Wooo!

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