Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kitfox finally says something about Moon Hunters on Vita.

So Moon Hunters.  Last week we got word that the PS4 release would drop July 12th, and Kitfox had nothing to say to repeated questions about the state of the Vita version beyond "we can't announce a release date."

Which is, obviously, chilling to a Vita owner-slash-lover like yours truly.  All too often the Vita version of a much-anticipated title just poofs out of existence, so the Vita community's unease is natural.  Well, today Kitfox posted an update on Moon Hunters' Kickstarter, highlighting an upcoming physical release through Limited Run Games, and they dropped this little nugget:
"What about Vita? We might have something to announce there too, but not just yet. Maybe next newsletter! For now, PS4 is the focus. :)"
Permit me to highlight the important bit.  EXHIBIT A: 

It could be inferred that that "something to announce" for the Vita version might be bad news, sure, and the that smilie only relates to the PS4 version - but I dunno, man.  I dunno.  If you're even going to bring up the Vita version, and you end it with a smilie..?

I think the Vita version's still comin'.

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