Tuesday, June 14, 2016

McCree finally gets nerfed in Overwatch.

Also, Widowmaker!  Sorta!

McCree is still gonna' ruin my day as Tracer or Mercy, but he will no longer cut through tanks like tissue paper, and Widowmaker's bodyshot damage got nerfed.  Her headshots will still be Godly, and a good Widowmaker will still completely shut your team down, because that's what they do!

Patch notes!
Alternate Fire

  • Recovery time (i.e. the amount of time before McCree starts reloading) decreased from 0.75 seconds to 0.3 seconds
  • Bullet damage decreased from 70 to 45

Developer Comments: McCree was performing too well against all targets, making him feel like a must-pick in many situations. By reducing the damage of his alternate fire, McCree is now significantly weaker against tanks like Roadhog and Reinhardt, but still maintains his lethality against smaller targets like Tracer and Genji. 
Widow’s Kiss

  • Alternate Fire (Scoped Shot) Base damage decreased from 15 to 12 Note: Scoped shot damage multiplier remains unchanged
  • Headshot damage multiplier increased from 2x to 2.5x
  • Players must now wait for the unscoping animation to completely finish before scoping

  • Ultimate cost increased by 10%

Developer Comments: In the right hands, Widowmaker can often feel unstoppable—even when just landing body shots instead of critical heads shots. The changes to her alternate fire weaken body shot damage while leaving her headshot damage unchanged. Additionally, we felt her Ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, was coming up a little too frequently, especially considering its impact on the game.
I'm really glad to see that McCree isn't going to be definitively overpowered moving forward.  It'll still, I suspect, feel super-good when you kill one - they're just too damned lethal!  It feels especially good when you kill one, as a Mercy, after rezzing two team members on the final push at Hollywood.

Hmmmlet me try a gfycat embed...

Better!  Cuts off five seconds at the end, but you still see the McKill.

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