Friday, June 17, 2016

Overwatch fan art! Comics! Ships! Genderbends! Reaper!

Yep, we're doin' this again!

I know I promised you Tracer "next time," but I lied.  Because I'm a liar.  Have some Overwatch comics!

This post is huge, and heavy with Overwatch imagery, so let's put in a page break!

I fucking hate those guys.

There's a ton of 'ship stuff going on in the Overwatch fan community.  Mercy, you should know, is in a lot of relationships.  She is the team Mom, for a start.

Soldier 76 is totally team Dad.

They're all one big superfamily - but Mercy gets a lot of action on the side.  She and Pharah are into it big time.

Also, the TracerWidow ship is yoooge.

But this one's my favorite:

D. Va - when she's not a demented Doritos-fueled gremlin - is in love with Mei.

Not all of the heroes are in lesbians with each other, though.  Junkrat makes moves on a lot of the heroines, but the only one whose skin he gets under seems to be - of everyone - Symmetra.  Opposites attract and all that.

'Course Junkrat also has a thing going on with life partner Roadhog.

They're totally lesbians!  Or probably are in all the Junkrat genderbends you see.

I appreciated the artistry of this one when I saw it, but was a bit nonplussed that Junkrat had such large boobs and Roadhog had a flat tummy.  That ain't true to character.

Much better!

There are a lot of genderbends on the Overwatch crew - I guess because fans felt the game didn't have enough waifu material?  And some of it... is... weeeird.  Some of it's not weird!  But some of it is weiiird.

Like, really?  But some of it manages to be pretty cool!

There's one M-to-F genderbend that's so damned good you kinda' wish it was the original character.

Elsewhere, turning the ladies into dudes is also a thing - and when these ladies become dudes, they remain byoooteeful.

But you go back to the M-to-F and it gets weird again.

Let's get that fuzzy taste out of our mouths with some more comics!  A buncha' comics with Mei in them!

And to finish off... oh let's throw in a pretty D. Va GIF.

...annnd another funny SoldierDad.

[update] I just realized I forgot to actually highlight a character!  Let's go with...  wiiiith.... hm.... Reaper. 



  1. why is female winston a generic anime girl with grey skin opposed to, like, a female gorilla..

    1. I'm going with "because the artist doesn't want to fuck a female gorilla."