Thursday, June 9, 2016

Overwatch fan art! Mercy! Mei! A little Genji!

Mirror's Edge's sequel is finally out!  Woo!  And I almost made it through the tutorial!

But then it was like "why would you put the melee controls on the face buttons?!" And then it was time to go out to dinner and then today it was time to play some video games.  And then I pulled out the Mirror's Edge disc.  And then I put in Overwatch.  And then I played Overwatch and killed a Reaper on Mercy (and this wasn't like a he's-almost-dead kill, this was a me-and-this-Reaper-dueled situation and I killed a Reaper on Mercy), and beat the shit out of some Reinhardts on Tracer, pwned some point defenses with Symmetra, and repeatedly assassinated an attacking Mercy on Route 66 before she got fed up, switched to Mei and kicked the crap out of me (mostly).

It was awesome.  Then I hung out in the Overwatch fan art thread on NeoGAF and collected 103MBs of Overwatch art.  Then I posted that awesome Cuphead footage and now I'm just going to blow hot fan art all over you.

So strap in, try not to view this on your phone unless you've got a generous data plan, and let's do this after the jump.

I snagged all of these in the largest size I could find, so click to embiggen if you're so inclined.

This is, 100%, what it feels like to play Mercy in at least 70% of matches.  Group up.  When someone starts shooting me, kill them, or you're gonna' die soon.

I wish the "casual" ones were more common.  This is definitely some of my favorite stuff.

Naturally - Overwatch is essentially Team Fortress 2 with "waifus" - most of the fan art focuses on the ladies.  Take Mei, for example.  She's the ice-powers girl in the snowsuit.

Now, anyone who plays Overwatch knows that Mei is three things.  First of all, Mei is bae.

Second, she's the single best crowd-controller in the game, capable of defending pretty much anything from pretty much anyone.  Use your ultimate ability on them, and a Mei can just shrug it off.  She can sit in the middle of Hanzo's dragon's, just chillin'. All her teammates can die to McCree's High Noon, and she's cool.  She's fine.

And if you cross her, no matter what class you are (Bastion, Widowmaker from across the map - a tank right up in her face, a Hanzo), you are staring into the big, bae, lovable eyes of death.

Third, Mei is a soulless, unstoppable monster who will fuck up your shit just when it's going well.

Mei is also a soulless, unstoppable monster who will fuck up your shit even when she's on your team.

There's a lot of comics, and most of them are worth seeing, but let's move on to some hot, hot Mercy action.

Oooh wait, no, let's do a mercy comic.

PROTECT YOUR SUPPORT CHARACTERS. Anywho - Mercy art!  Mercy/DOOM crossover art!

There's less stuff for the dudes, obviously, but Genji gets a lot of attention.

But most of the stuff about Genji is also about his bum.

Annnd let's finish off with a shirtless Reinhardt.

Next time, Tracer!

Also, this.


  1. Welp, time to "right-click, save image as..." everything.

    1. There's a lot more where that came from!