Monday, June 27, 2016

Slow news day!

So let's break it down.

Retro isometric puzzle-platformer Lumo will drop on Vita on July 5th.  The PS4 release is enjoying a nice, comfy 75 on Metacritic - which ain't bad.

Galak-Z is 40% off on Steam, right now.  Obviously, you should be playing it.  That's six bucks.  Best game of 2015.  Six bucks.

Elsewhere, industry insider Tidux is backtracking on his earlier info suggesting Sony is considering a 5.5TB option for the Neo.

Annnd that's about it.  Unless you count the fact that my brother and I looked into overbuff last night, and he discovered that (statistically speaking) he's pretty rubbish at Soldier 76 - his main.  I discovered I'm in the top 20% of Mercy players!  Yay me!

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