Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summon Night 6 coming to NA in early 2017.


Coming physically and digitally in 2017 - localized by Gaijinworks (Arc the Lad, Class of Heroes, Summon Night 5) - who's gonna' turn their nose up at another high-profile RPG for Vita?  Not this guy.

"Summon Night 6 is set in Fillujah, a cocoon world. Raj and Amu live on a quiet island with their respective companions, Patch and Quilt. However, the two aren’t alone for long. After a meteor falls into Fillujah, people from Lyndbaum begin appearing in this world. Characters from previous Summon Night games, like Summon Night 5’s Arca and Folth and their Crosses, appear in the game.

The latest Summon Night has many returning and new features. For example, there are over a dozen endings, which can be reached by taking part in conversations at night with allies. The fishing minigame from Summon Night 5 returns. You’re also able cook the fish you’ve caught in another mini-game. The battle system this time around will offer Summon Bursts, where two allies team up to for a combined summon magic attack, and Chain Attacks where your allies will automatically attack an enemy they’re surrounding with no repercussions."
Very nice.

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