Monday, June 13, 2016

The E3 2016 Microsoft press conference.

Alringht Xbox, rock my world.

Phil Spencer starts by acknowledging the "tradegy" in Orlando.  Tasteful.  Ish.

Xbox One S is official, 2TB HD, 4K video and BR playback, new controller.

Rod Ferguson is up to talk about "Xbox Play Anywhere."  When you buy a game digitally you own it and can play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.  Progress and achievements are the same between both platforms.  Co-op for Gears 4 will support cross-play.

And they brought up Laura Bailey to show a gameplay demo!  That is way better than a stupid actor - she's an actor who's in the game.

Wow this is some terrible writing.

What can you say about this?  It's Gears, again, with very nice atmospherics and very sharp presentation.  Lots of environmental destruction.

Rukari Austin is up to talk about Killer Instinct.  A new character!  Sounds like Marcus Fenix.  Nope.  General Raam.  Or whatever that guy's name is.  Yeah, Raam. From Gears.

And now another Xbox/Win 10 exclusive..?  Lovely, verdant natural environments... oh it's Forza Horizon!  Rumor has it this'll be in Australia.  Sure looks like it.

Forza Horizon 3.

Falph Fulton from Playground Games is up.  Confirmed: Forza Horizon 3 is set in the lan' down undaaah.   For the demo they've got a girl playing on Xbox One S, two dudes on Windows PCs, and a dude on a normal Xbox One.

4 player campaign co-op.  "Largest environment" (in Forza) ever.

I think I'm jelly of Forza. Coming September 27th! 

Another exclusive - Joule?  Oh no, it's Recore.  Third person shooting/platforming.  Oh Joule is the name of the girl and Mack is the name of your robo pet.  Wow MS is doing a terrible job of showing people streaming the trailers.  A little spider robo helps with platforming, a big gorilla robo helps with fights.  ....coming September something but again, it had zoomed out of the trailer so I couldn't see.

Still - September!  I'm shocked.

Now a dude from Squenix is up to talk about FFXVI.  First-ever demo on Xbox One.

Looks nice!  Or at least it doesn't look shittier than then PS4 version from what I can tell on the stream.  The player is basically just getting his ass kicked by a colossus, and whoever's directing this is doing a great job of showing us off-camera stuff stuff instead of direct-feed footage.


Coming September 30, 2016.

Next up, looks like new Division content...? Yep.  The Division Underground.

Dice is up to talk Battlefield 1. EA Access members on Xbox will get early access.  And then it's that trailer EA showed yesterday.

New features coming to Xbox One:

  • Background Music
  • Language Region independence (choose your language)
  • Cortana on Xbox One
  • Xbox Live works on Xbox One, PC, iOS or Android
  • Clubs are coming to Xbox Live (create communities)
  • "Looking for Group" on Xbox Live "it's like a want ad for multiplayer."
  • Arena on Xbox Live "a new tournament platform."  
When Sony doesn't announce reactive, listen-to-your-community stuff like this, it's gonna' look crap by comparison.  EA will be bringing games like FIFA to Arena "in the coming years."

Minecraft team is up. 

Players on Xbox Live, iOS, Android and Windows 10 will now be a united community - "The Friendly Update."  Dedicated servers to host your worlds and share with your friends.  And they've got fucking John Carmack onstage with like that phone VR thing.

New texture packs coming to Minecraft - allow you to change how any block or character looks in the game.  Addons are coming this fall.  "To Xbox and consoles."  I wonder if that means... no, it couldn't.

Now a new custom controller is getting advertised... you basically get to pick the colors.

Now it's that oppressive dystopian future game from the Limbo crew. Inside is coming June 29th.

Chris Charla, ID @ Xbox director is up.  Announces Limbo is free on Xbox One starting today.

Indie sizzle reel!
Outlast II.
Deliver Us The Moon
Flink Hook!!!
Slime Pengler
Shadow Tactics
The Culling
For the King
Stardew Valley
Hang the Fate

If FlintHook is exclusive I am gonna' be so smad.

And now it looks like we're getting some We Happy Few gameplay.

"First to console on Xbox One..." which gives me hope of a multiplatform release!

This is a fricking awesome trailer.  I want this game.  Available on Xbox Game Preview July 26th.

No idea what studio this next game is - oh it's Gwent.  It's the Gwent CCG.  Xbox exclusive?

"We've turned Gwent into a full-blown multiplayer experience."

Now it's ... SF X Tekken?  Akuma versus a Tekken dude.

Ugh I can't find that We Happy Few trailer anywhere... it was so good you have to see it.

Bandai Namco is up to say Tekken 7 is coming to Xbox One.  An "all new story mode" that transitions from cinematics straight into gameplay (cough Mortal Kombat coughcough).

Coming early 2017. And all Xbox Live Gold members get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free.

Xbox One/Win 10 exclusive.  Yep. Dead Rising 4.  Siiiigh I really liked DR2... oh well.  One day.  Maybe.  Coming Holiday 20something.

And now this lady is talking about Microsoft Studios... she's talkin' Scalebound!  Hideki Kamiya is up.

Showing co-op (fighting with other dragon riders) boss fight against like a giant enemy crab scorpion thing.  This... actually looks kinda' meh.

Coming in 2017.

Oooh I think that pirates game is up next.  Just an atmospheric worldbuilding thing.  Sea of Thieves - that's it.

I watched this entire thing with a smile on my face.  This looks super fun.

Another Xbox/Win exclusive... ooh is this State of Decay 2..? Yes it is!  I think!

See this might actually make me buy an Xbox. State of Decay 2 coming 2017.

And now it looks like a Halo game... oh it's Halo Wars 2.  Doi.

CG trailer. Coming Feb 21, 2017.  But a Beta is starting right now!

And now Spencer is basically giving the "we are for the players" speech.  This is exactly what Xbox needed to do.  More (new) indies woulda' been good, but this was a very strong conference.  Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, Halo Wars 2, We Happy Few, Forza 4 - very nice.

"We see exciting opportunities on the horizon, to unlock new innovation for gamers and developers alike.  The next step must deliver true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR.  We've been talking to our friends and asking what they want from us..."

They're actually announcing Scorpio?  Huh.

6 Teraflops confirmed.  "4k gaming, true 4k resolution."  "Uncompressed at 60hz."  "It's the We Heard You Console."

"The games will work on both."  "8 CPU cores, huge memory bandwidth."

Project Scorpio.  "The most powerful console ever.  Holiday 2017."

"Project Scorpio will be the next addition to the Xbox One family.  When it ships next year we believe it will be the most powerful console ever built."  "We're announcing project Scorpio today to give our developers and partners the ability to realize that potential now."

"A future full of choice.  A future where we can all play without boundaries."

Very nice conference, Microsoft!  You like halfway sold me on your console, but maybe I'll just wait for the Scorpio.  Unless it's like $600 then you can fuck off.

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