Sunday, June 12, 2016

The EA press conference breakdown.

This sucked.
  • Titanfall 2 will drop October 28th on PS4, One and PC. 
  • Here's a single-player trailer, here's a multiplayer trailer
  • They talked about Madden 17 a lot. 
  • They didn't have a proper trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, but there's a lot of good-looking footage, here
  • They talked about FIFA 17 a lot. 
  • Like, a lot
  • EA Originals announced - publishing for indies, basically.  
  • First game will be Fe.  Looks myeh
  • They showed "behind the scenes" stuff of people working on Star Wars games, but little footage of actual Star Wars games. 
  • They brought out Zach Ephron and Jamie Fox to lie about how hyped they were to play Battlefield 1

Thanks for saving this, Kotaku, because it was the best worst bit of the presser.  Finally,
And that was it!  

You fucking sucked twice in a row with your E3 pressers, EA.  

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