Friday, June 24, 2016

YUSSS. Little Witch Academia is getting a TV series.

Little Witch Academia was kind of a short test project for anime studio Trigger (which went on to further unbridled awesomeness via Kill la Kill).  It was awesome.  Then they very successfully Kickstarted a sequel (asked for $150K, got almost $700K), which you might still be able to find on Netflix, that was about an hour long - it was yet awesomer.

Basically, imagine Harry Potter, except Harry is kind of a stupid asshole who's always screwing things up, Ron and Hermione are both socially-stunted supernerds of their chosen disciplines, and Draco Malfoy is actually very capable and really means his best.  And they're all girls, because this Hogwarts is an all-girls school.

But it's not like Sailor Moon or Betty & Veronica or some crap where every lady is interchangeable except for their hair - Trigger does an awesome job of really giving each hero a lot of character. Then have it animated by the folks who made Kill la Kill.

Little Witch Academia was so damned good that I actually investigated buying the thing extensively, but it would have been like $200 to import a version straight from Trigger's site and oh my goodness it's right there on the American Amazon!


Here's hopin' (1) it gets here before Canada Post shuts down or (2) it comes via like UPS or somethin'.

It's got both the original short and the hour-long sequel and it's fully subbed and it comes with an art book and there's making of docs and both are on Bluray?  Fuckyeah.

Oh, so anyway - Trigger are making a Little Witch Academia TV series!  Same director - no word on when this thing'll happen, but I don't care - I own Kill la Kill (thanks to Kayla!),  It was a very nice...

Yes - that.

I will shortly own the original LWA short and OVA, and when the series happens I'm probably gonna' own a copy of that too.

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