Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I was playing my Christmas playlist at work today.

And my counterpart was like "why are you playing Christmas music in July?" and I was all "dude, you have to keep Christmas in your heart all year round."

But really I just like the music sometimes.  At the same time, today and yesterday was in fact quite Christmassy, due to the arrival of two much-anticipated gets.

First off, the Grand Kingdom Grand Edition for Vita!

The box is lovely - but it doesn't just come in a box.  It actually comes in two boxes, with an "introduction comic" that teaches you the basics of the game.  Just like Metal Gear Solid 2 did back in the day!  Remember that?  Well actually the comic in MGS2 was part of the manual.

Remember when games came with manuals?  I'm old!

The first box contains... this!

An art book, a large unfolding poster, a soundtrack, a sheet of lovely stickers and also some game!

Grand Opus: The Official Compendium of Resonail.  The art book is phenomeballs. I gush over it in the podcast this week, but it's just sumptuous.  Stamped faux-leather with silver gilding on every page.  Fucking awesome.

The poster comes on some very nice heavy-gauge paper, and includes the four DLC classes (far right - Valkyrie, Dark Knight, Archer and Paladin.)

Stickers!  I am this close to slapping one or four of these on my laptop.

This is the second box, to reinforce how grand this is.

On similarly heavy-gauge paper, is a romantic poster of... Filia?  I think her name is?  She's the daughter of the leader of the mercenary guild your crew has joined in the game, and is assigned to your squad as basically the administrative assistant.  She takes care of the paperwork and gives thoughtful, reasonable advice, and clashes with your brash, gung-ho captain.

Pins!  Lovely heavy metal pins with the crests of the mercenary guild and the warring kingdoms of

A cloth map of Resonail!  And finally,

A half-dozen art prints featuring the leaders of the warring kingdoms, and the head of the Guild.  This is one of the most generous special editions I have ever opened.  It's frickin' glorious.

But that's not all that showed up.


Don't let the English on there fool you - all the text everywhere else in the Little Witch Academia package I snagged is in full-on Japanese, which terrified me that Amazon may have misled me on the whole "has English subtitles" thing.  

So much so that after snapping the above picture, I took no further pictures and tested out the disc in my PS4.  There's a soundtrack disc in there too!  And I was expecting 2 video discs - one for the original short and the Kickstarted OVA - but both are on the same bluray, and yes both have English subtitles yayyy! 

But it feels shitty not to show you pictures from this wonderful art book, so here's a bit of concept character reference art that I feels how unique they make each character, right down to the silhouette. 

Merry Christmas everybody!

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