Friday, July 8, 2016

Overwatch : Clip Show .:. Episode 5 ;-) discover the secret.

Pssst.  Hey kid.  Wanna' know the super-secret leet hax that those other players don't want you to know about Overwatch..?

Read on...

Had some really decent games last night!  And none of them were on Mercy.  I pretty just had one sweet play as Mercy, when an enemy Zarya gets cut down to half health while flanking us on King's Row.  She wasn't doing anything wrong - didn't really screw up - that's what you do as Zarya.

Zarya's health bar isn't entirely made up of health - half of it are shields.  Shields regenerate when out of combat for a few seconds, so really she was playing her class perfectly - hopping in, using her shields to absorb energy and up her damage, and pulling back when she gets cut down a little.

Problem being, I had flanked her when she got to the point of pulling back, and she had no one to assist.

0:00 - 0:17 : Zarya didn't see this comin'.  She was at a high charge, she shoulda' just shot me!

Now, I have kept in mind that a five-minute clip is asking a bit much of you.  Think of all you could do in five minutes!  But this clip show is a little different, in that it it's less about me pulling of something cool here and there and more about what can be accomplished when a team just sticks together and works it.

0:17 - 1:21 : As Zarya, I'm deking in and out of the archway on the first point of Hollywood - healed by the ambient vibes of a Lucio, teaming with a Reinhardt, backed up by a Symmetra, Hanzo and Reaper.  The six of us never let them through the gate.  Okay well once a Pharah got through and took me out with her rocket barrage, but the Sym's teleporter had us back in the action in two shakes.
Point is, I didn't hold this point - I certainly wasn't playing at my best - but that team and I worked like a tide, sweeping in with smashing force and shrinking back together to regroup before crashing into them again.  It was beautiful.

And that's the secret, man.  That's how you win at Overwatch.  You just team up.  Group up.  Move as one.

Then, I found myself in an attack on King's Row.  I locked in Mercy (as I tend to), and wait for someone to pick the tank.  We get a Widow.  Okay.  We get a Mei.  Okay.  We get a Reaper.  I guess... Then we get another Widow.  And then (perhaps understandably) the last team member disconnects.

So it's like "well... if they're not going to take it seriously, neither am I," and I switched to Mei.  Because sometimes you know no one wants to group up.  They just wanna' play their "mains" and try to get kills - so fine.  I sometimes go Mei just to fuck around, when this is happening, but last night... last night Mei and I just clicked.


1:21 - 2:00 : Mei sneaks around the right flank of King's Row point A.  I'd already killed this Widowmaker once, which is why she cleverly grapples behind me to get the drop... which doesn't work out.

Freeze.  Snap!

Then Junkrat thinks he's gonna' take me.  Freeze.  Snap!

But Junkrat's parting gift almost kills me, so I make a break for the nearest health pack - but Zenyatta drops a discord orb on me!  I make it to the health pack, but now I've got a Zarya on my case.  Freeze.  Snap!  Snap!  Snap! 

We ended up taking that point, and taking the payload pretty far.  Don't remember if we won that round or not, but the above action sold me on Mei.

2:00 - 2:25 : Team chat:

"Annnd their teleporter's down.  Bastion's down.  Oh hi Torb - Torb's down.  Turret's down.  Symmetra's turret's down."

"Dude who are you playing as?"


Then I heal up, scare their Symmetra back into their spawn, wall her and a Widow in, and go keep that respawning Bastion busy on the other side as he pops his ult too late.


2:25 - 2:53 : My first Mei Play of the Game.  Shutdown!  Junkrat's tire comes rolling in, and I know other team members went for it, but for some reason I got the credit.

Then Genji pops his ult, and I can guarantee you his health drops way faster than Mei's freeze spray would allow, but for some reason I got the credit - and I'll happily take it, thank you.


2:53 - 3:36 : What begins with denying a Reinhardt's charge is a beautiful example of a payload team just crushing it in symphony.  I slow them down, Reaper, Roadhog and D.Va finish them off - one after another, cruising nice and easy up to the first checkpoint of Route 66.  As a final cherry on top, that Rein from the beginning of the clip respawns by the time we've wiped his team, and returns to us!  Just in time to get focus-fired, just like last time.

Feed me.  Feeeed my ultimate!

3:36 - 5:04 : The easy, breezy stroll to the final point of that Route 66 attack is led by me, Mei!  In hindsight, I really should have foregone the ice block and just murderized that Hanzo, but if I had I wouldn't have been able to double-kill him and the Lucio with my ult.  Lucio's ult does them little good when he's frozen with a damage-over-time.

Note that my team is with me the entire way, and whenever we get a little too close to the end of our life bars, we fold back towards Mercy and she tops us off.  Reinforcements pour out of the enemy spawn to get walled off, funneled in to a tight space to be focus-fired by the group - and we just roll on home.

And then I got my second Play of the Game in a row!

And it's like,

Hey, girl.

I love the way you fuck up Lucio's day with a weaponized cryospray before you shoot him in the face with a giant ice shard.

That's cold, baby.  And so hot.

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