Friday, July 15, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show IIX : Tankin' and spankin'.

Got another tank in my toolset last night!  It all started by getting my ass kicked on Volskaya this past week.

I was rollin' with the group I fell in with early in the Comp season, and we were getting fucking schooled on a Volskaya attack.  It began when I heard a telltale sound effect - that of a large simian making violent impact with a rooftop - and told my my team over voice chat,

"Guys, there's a Winston behind us."

They ignored it or didn't care. They pushed forward, I did my Mercy business and healed as best I could, but as soon as the fighting began - as soon as they were all pointed away from the Winston, he slammed into the ground behind us, wrecked little Mercy me, harried our team until their attentions became split and we were wrecked.  And the wreckage started with that Winston.

I was so impressed with this guy, I was repeatedly exclaiming "man, this Winston is amazing!"

"Dude, are you looking to marry the other team or something?"

"I give respect where it's due, and this guy is teaching me how to play Winston."

But let's back up.  Let's start with some hot hot Mercy action.

There was some discussion on NeoGAF yesterday about how one can escape Zarya's ult.  (Zarya's ult is the Graviton Surge, which sucks nearby enemies into a gravity well, holding them in place while your team hopefully murders the crap out of them.)  One forumer advised that Mercy could Guardian Angel out of the ult, if she was flying to a target that was far enough away.

I assured them she couldn't.  I mean, I'd tried.  Watch that last Zarya footage, you'll see a Mercy trying to escape my ult and failing.  She just keeps rubber-banding back into the gravity well.

The NeoGAF crew assured me she could, and I resolved to test this on PS4 - maybe it's a PC-exclusive mechanic?  And that attempt ended up being our first Play of the Match.

Oh, and... it's a long one.  There's a lot of drawn-out tank-work footage.

0:00 - 0:16 : Turns out you can fly out of the Gravity Well!

0:16 - 1:06 : Zarya tends to just own Hollywood, for me, and frankly this entire game was a bit of a highlight for me - but that's less a clip than like... an episode of something.  Here, you can see that holding the front payload and the central lane is almost entirely the work of myself, and the Mercy who does an excellent job of keeping on my six, keeping out of trouble, and keeping me topped off and buffed up.

There's no gettin' through here.  And a successful Zarya ult!  A double kill - I'll take it!  I really gotta' start training myself to reload my cannon before I pop Gravitron Surge.

1:06 - 1:57 : I really felt - in the part of my immortal soul that senses the emotional vibrations of the universe - that this Roadhog hated me.  I understand it.  And I can understand if the Mercy, Pharah and Genji hated me too.

And yes, I rock Zarya's goth skin.  I like to believe she was very troubled in high school, and listened to a lot of whatever the Russian equivalent of Linkin Park is.

Probably just Linkin Park.

1:57 - 2:14 : I never play Soldier!

2:14 - 2:35 : The first thing you need to know about Winston is that he is Symmetra's hard counter.  His weapon is almost custom-made to wipe Symmetra's sentry turrets from walls and celings, and his comfortably large health pool means he can outlive her (actually pretty nasty!) beam gun.

This Mercy and I got along great - she knew not to follow me behind enemy lines, and I knew to return to her for healing, and to jump into her line-of-sight to let her (Guardian Angel) get back into the fight quicker.

This clip begins with me dropping my shield barrier in juuust the wrong place to safely take out Torb's turrets, but Mercy's kind attention sees me through while I clear Symmetra's defenses.

2:35 - 3:10 : Defending Volskaya point B, the enemy team has gotten to know my Winston enough that (Roadhog and Reaper aside) most of them will just start backing up a bit when they see the big ape headed their way - which is ideal!

That's what Winston's good for - he jumps into the fray, freaks out the squares and buys his team time back on the point, or his DPS a few precious unopposed seconds to put some damage downrange.

While this Roadhog and Lucio are paying attention to me, they're not paying attention as our Zenyatta just shreds them as I push them back, and emerge behind a Soldier who's preoccupied with our Bastion, and doesn't notice the 500 pound gorilla in the room/behind him.

And then I chase down their Genji!

Winston is also a great counter to Genji, because Winston can jump wherever Genji can go, quickly follow up when Genji tries to use his dash to escape, and Genji's deflection does nothing against Winston's Tesla Cannon. But again, this is textbook Winston - I didn't get the killing blow on that Genji, I just freaked him out enough that he let my team do it.

3:10 - 3:53 : Play of the Game!  A pretty bad one, actually - but Play of the Game loves environmental kills, so there you go.

It's worth noting, if that Roadhog's ult had been available, he coulda' shut me right down by pushing me away so I couldn't whap him off the edge.

44% kill participation!  Wewt!

Gold silver gold bronze wewt!

3:53 - 4:16 : So last night a group of level 55s-60s actually invite me in 'cause they need another guy.  It doesn't go great.  We win one (see: the Mercy Play of the Match that began our vid), but we lost this Volskaya game.  But not on account of my Reaper!

...why did I leave the Overwatch logo there?  It shouldn't be in the middle of the vid.  That's silly.


4:16 - 4:34 : Winston on King's Row attack!  Again, this is some textbook Winston work - leap in, freak 'em out, let my crew sweep in like a wave when they're distracted.  Lurvely.

4:34 - 4:46 : This is how you place Winston's shield barrier to safely take out Torb's turret.  It's also how you chase down a Hanzo who can't land a headshot on you.

4:46 - 5:52 : This is a full half of one of the King of the Hill points on Nepal, and again some classic (and aggressive) Winston action.  Rein's shield does little against my sweet Tesla cannon, and Soldier's ult can't take me down before we take him.

I sweep around to the left to harry Junkrat a little bit, who retreats into his cave, and then drop down behind their Reaper.  He's smart!  He goes incorporeal and slips back behind his line before I can kill him.  

Their Rein and Tracer move in on the point, Hanzo almost kills me, but I pop my ult!  Now my sweet weapon is gone and I'm limited to a very weak, 40-damage melee swing that throws enemies back on impact, but my health pool explodes.  Reaper goes down.

Our Tracer and I have cut off their reinforcements, killing Hanzo and Junkrat as our team picks apart their two-man attack squad.  And that's round one!

Beeeyootiful work, everyone!  And as soon as I got the kill streak and Tracer has that voice line, I had to save the clip.

Yes I am, Lena.  Yes I am.

Gold silver silver bronze!  Yuss.


How often do you see a Symmetra PotG?

5:52 - 6:09 : I am incredibly smad that my share function somehow screwed up, and I wasn't able to save this entire match.  Symmetra just owned point B on this map, and I dueled everything from their D.Va (repeatedly) to their Soldier, Pharah and Mei - over and over - and won, but tragically this is the only part I was able to save.

Still, it is pretty sweet.  Mei goes down!  Mercy tries to save Soldier, but she just gets in the way and Mercy goes down!  Then it's just you and me, Soldier Boy.  Just you and me.

And that's our show!

Sorry for imposing such a long video on you, and thanks for watchin'!

Winston counters Symmetra's turrets wtf this is bullcrap!

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