Sunday, July 17, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show Ten.

Who'd'a thunk I'd get in to a multiplayer shooter the way I'll get into like Dying Light or Galak-Z.  The last time I fell this hard for multiplayer, it was... well, actually it was another Blizzard game (WoW).

I acknowledge the strangeness, is what I'm sayin'.

It's another long one - some good Mei and Mercy work.  But it's literally cut down from like eleven minutes, so really I'm showing heroic restraint.

0:00 - 0:17 : I love Zenyatta, and news of his impending buff has brought him out a bit more on PS4 (where his buff is nowhere near active, yet).  The winning push of this game actually began with a Zenyatta ult push, but shearing a Pharah and Mercy combo to ribbons will do, for a start.

0:17 - 0:29 : Good effort, Hanzo!  You burned your ult, killed no one, and got instagibbed by an off-healer.

I know those feels.

0:29 - 0:58 : A sexy Reinhardt push is so glorious.

Let's count the dead.  Their Lucio, their Reinhardt, their Soldier, and Torb's turret.  And I lived after the charge!  That's always a good day.

0:58 - 1:37 : This was one of the funnest losing matches, where Mei seriously pulled her weight.

A little bit of ranged pressure puts Zarya's attention on me as our Roadhog moves in for the kill.  Lately, it's been pretty clear to me that Mei is at her best not when she's dueling other heroes one-on-one (though she is ridiculously good in almost any 1v1), but when she's acting as a sort of offensive support.  I slow them down, my team does the murderizing.

Their Genji pops his ult, but he goes down quick - and what's that behind us!  It's Pharah!  Guys, there's a Pharah behind us!  She's above us!  She's using her ult but it's not killing anyone!

Oh it's okay she's dead.

Oop, and now we've got a Hanzo and a Zenyatta puttin' some long-range damage towards the payload.  Don't burn out your shield, Reinhardt, here's an ice wall to get us some breathin' room.

1:37 - 2:12 : This is most of the final push, just after their Genji deflected my ult right into our Hanzo and Mercy (I walled them off so they couldn't get hurt while frozen).

Again, this is just some good Mei teamwork - freezing the Torb so he can't escape after Rein's ult, distracting the turret and Zarya, keeping myself alive, taking out that turret and walling off their end so we get a moment to breathe.

Lurvely.  And I get a card for all the folks I froze!

Gold elims on Mei! Gold elims on Mei!!!

And now it's time for Mercy.

2:12 - 2:29 : This was an actual not-a-joke Play of the Game.  And I know it looks like a disaster, but look at the kill feed in the top-right after I pull off the rez.  I'm chalkin' that one up in the win column.
...we lost that match, though.  Lost it hard.

2:29 - 2:39 : You really shouldn't taunt the other team, especially as a support.  But I do.

2:39 - 2:51 : This is the first time I ever tank danced off a McCree.  It went well!

Man I'm lookin' forward to that Guardian Angel buff.

2:51 - 3:11 : A little bit of ping-ponging around on Mercy gets me in position to support McCree's ult.  I haven't actually found confirmation that a Mercy damage boost will decrease the time it takes McCree to lock on, or increase the damage it'll do to a Rein's shield or something, but it got me a double assist, so I'll take it.

And then that Bastion's gotta' be dealt with.

3:11 - 3:25 : You really shouldn't taunt the other team - especially as a support.  But I dooo.

3:25 - 4:17 : Behold the trio of Rein, Reaper and Mercy cutting their way through the first flanking rout on Gibraltar attack.  Reaper gets the damage buffs, everyone gets the heals - but what I'm most proud of is the moment I break from the duo to assist that D.Va, and fling myself up over the building with her after I lay some heals on while the Reinhardt is on her.  I wonder what she thought defense matrix would do against that hammer..?

Either way, my momentary absence from Rein and Reaper's sides has had deadly consequences.  Luckily a crapton of heals and kill assists are enough for a Mercy to build her ult.

Heroes never die!  And then we're movin' out.

4:17 - 4:47 : I developed a likin' for this Reaper, and pocketed him up into the flanking rout as our main force dealt with their main force.  Together, we eliminate their Torb and his turret, and that's when Winston and Tracer show up.

That Winston, alone, could mess up my day in a very real way, but watch what the Reaper and I do - we stretch out, separate ourselves, and whenever Winston puts his attention on me I sweep back over to Reaper as Reaper charges forward, essentially switching places, alternating between healing and buffing his damage, as he wipes the floor with them.

So that's Torb, his turret, Winston, Tracer and Junkrat.  Two-thirds of the enemy team for thirty seconds' work.  It's super-effective!  (Seconds later, the Reinhardt and D.Va on the other side of the underpass start emoting their need for healing.)  Sorry tanks, we had some bidness.

Powerful stuff.

4:47 - 5:13 : On the last leg of the same Gibraltar attack, Reinhardt and I are flanked by a Zenyatta who split from his team and went behind enemy lines!  Rein and I charge, I warn him off with a barrage of golden bullets, and he floats away behind cover. he comin' back..?  He's probably coming back, but I have to keep up with the main push at the payload.  I'm barely able to help my boys up front at all before he comes rolling back with a few warning shots, and I (stupidly!) dive through my Rein's shield as he builds his (rather dangerous!) charged volley, and 0-100 him in like two seconds.

Sorry, Zen, your health pool ain't buffed yet.

5:13 - 5:40 : There's nothin' better for clearing a perfectly-organized and grouped push on your objective than a Reaper ult at the right time.  Naturally, Play of the Game went to the Torb with like 100% participation on that team kill - but still satisfyin'!

And that's our show.  G'night everybody!

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