Friday, July 1, 2016

Overwatch? Overwatch.

Been playin' a lot of Overwatch.

Which I like to think is why you didn't get a blog post yesterday.  Like, I could have put together an actual post on the best of 2016 so far, or I could have put together the list for the games we need to care about for the rest of 2016, or a post about how BioShock: The Collection was finally announced, is full-price, contains all DLC and is coming on September 13th.  Or I could have played Overwatch.

You get the bind I'm in.

My teams lost a lot more than they won yesterday, but there were some real stompers in there too - where a whole team just clicks and rocks the house.  One of the best was one where I went Mercy, someone grabbed Reinhardt, and then none of the other players grabbed an offense character.  It was 2 Torbs, a Widow and a Zenyatta defending Anubis, and we kept that shit locked down.  Didn't need a Reaper, didn't need a Pharah or a 76 - just a collection of defensive heros and a tank with a good sense of how powerful his protection can be and a deep need to self-harm by charging into enemy ranks.

Now, normally when a Reinhardt charges in and I'm on Mercy, that's okay - see you later, buddy.  G'bye.  I'm not following you in there.

...but this Reinhardt was the cornerstone of our formation.  The Torbs couldn't keep their turrets up and shooting without him drawing enemy fire.  The Zenyatta couldn't shred their tanks and DPS without that shield to shoot through - they could survive on their own without me for a bit, but if the Rein ever went down in an area I couldn't reach, the enemy team would always be able to push up dangerously close to the point.

I dove into the fray for that Rein, and it was sooo worth it.

Oh!  So anyway, I had a bunch of pretty decent plays, so I put together 2 minutes of clips!  I don't know anything about video editing, it's just straight footage, cut down and cut together.

0:00 - 0:22 : after a brutal push on Control that sees 4/6 of our team wipe, a friendly Reaper and I finally take out the enemy Winston - the last red on the point.  It was such a beautiful moment I had to bust out Tracer's giggly emote (you have zero control while emoting - it's risky and stupid!) as we took the point - I regained control just in time for an enemy Reaper to swing in and eat a clip of pulse rounds to the face.

0:22 - 0:36 : taking out Junkrat's ult with Reinhardt's flame strike never gets old.  I had a sweet triple-kill with Rein on King's Row but I didn't save the clip arrrrgh!

And it's hot hot Mercy action from here on out!

0:36 - 0:52 : in the above-mentioned defense on Anubis, Mercy and Rein take out a reaper, a half-second before Mercy and Torb take out a Genji who just popped his ult!  Double Kill on Mercy so smexy.

But the enemy Zarya pops her ult and our hero is trapped!  What is there to do but whip out her pistol and do her best - but thank goodness, our Rein draws the Zarya's attention, and Mercy is able to escape back to the safety or Torb and his turret.

0:52 - 1:41 : headed back from the spawn, a Widowmaker's perch makes her an excellent shortcut back to the point, with a touch of healing to boot - not too much!  Just enough to get her through that Winston gank - because Reinhardt needs my help.

Yes, maybe it was dumb of Rein to dive right into that nest of vipers.  And yes, it was dumb of me to keep shooting at that Genji when he started reflecting (but, in my defense, he needed to die).  And yes, it was contrary to general strategy to dive into the enemy ranks to revive that Rein, and yes, nine times out of ten both of us would have died half a second later - but not this time.  This time I instantly flew back behind my line and began laying down fire with Zenyatta and Torb, and the Rein charged back out of their formation, bringing the enemy Rein with him to get focus-fired by our team.

It was a beautiful moment, our whole team coming together to keep Rein up and our formation holding, but it wasn't a triple-kill so of course it wasn't POTG.

1:41 - 1:56 : the enemy Torb pops his ult on Route 66, and Mercy dives into cover!  But not before she's lost 2/3rd of her health bar!  Desperate to recover her strength, she falls back, but is set upon by a full-health Lucio with his speed boost up!  What happens when a Lucio who doesn't know what he's doing fights a Mercy who does?  Lucio dies.

1:56 - 2:05 : at Watchpoint Gibraltar, Mercy flies in to help at the best possible moment, and finishes off a nearly-dead D.Va to boot.

2:05 - 2:18 : the enemy D.Va pops her Ult, and our team scatters on the same Watchpoint Gibraltar match.  A nearly-dead Reaper and I leap into a stairwell, and I heal him up as I nervously watch my Rein survive the explosion via Mercy's ally-sight.  The Reaper and I come out swinging, just in time to see the enemy Mercy zip away - right towards a recently-deceased friendly of mine.

Mercy can fly towards the corpses of her allies, just like she can fly towards her allies themselves - so (for some insane reason!) I take off after the enemy Mercy, shearing off half her health bar mid-flight, and finishing the job once I hit the ground.

It was awesome.

"Overwatch:  It was awesome."

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