Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider : 20 Year Celebration launches on PS4 October 11th.


October 11th!  Damn there's so much goodness this fall.  What does Rise on PS4 come with..?  Quite a bit!  Chamberlain was very right when he said I'd end up with a very definitive edition when it dropped on PS4.

  • a new story chapter called "Blood Ties," where you explore Croft Manor.
  • "Lara's Nightmare," where you defend Croft Manor against a zombie invasion.
  • PSVR support for "Blood Ties" (explore the mansion in first person).
  • co-op Endurance mode.
  • a collection of five classic lara models for use in-game (yes, including a skin that looks like the PS1 version of Lara).
  • "a brutal new Extreme Survivor setting."
  • all previously-released DLC, including
  • Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch
  • Endurance Mode
  • Cold Darkness Awakened (horde mode)
  • 12 outfits
  • 7 weapons
  • "over 35 expedition cards,"
  • all previously-released pre-order outfits, weapons and expedition cards
  • a new cold-weather outfit 

Very cool.  I'm totally down for this. 

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