Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You need a PSVR to play PSVR games.

I'll need those, will I?

Well okay, all PSVR require the PSVR headset - I get that - and the PS Eye camera thingie to track the headset, that makes sense.  But do you really need to use those silly Move controllers?

Everyone hated the Move, pretty much.  Really, I'm halfway convinced that the PSVR will be the Move 2.0 - decent tech that doesn't find a market, which disappears after not-too long.

But I'm kinda' pleased that PSVR games actually won't need the Move controllers. Sony clarified in a statement today:
"All PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers. However some game experiences will be enhanced with the use of peripherals such as Move or the recently announced Aim controller.

Images being shown of PSVR packaging on some websites are early mock ups and not representative of the finished packaging."
I may pick up that Aim controller though.  That sounds pretty sweet.

Oh hype machine.  I am caught in your fishhook-encrusted maw.  I can't get my hand out!  It hurts so bad!

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