Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 15!

It's been a while, has it not?  It's been so long that I am rusty as balls.  I tried two weeks ago, or so, and just got my ass beat.  But the end of the Summer Games promotion kinda' lit a fire under me, and I swept back in for some breezy Mercy action.  I tried to focus more on not dying.

Oh, also, I had an actually-amazing round as Ana, and now I don't hate Ana any more!  ...but there's no footage of that because my PS4 has been really mucking up saving gameplay lately...  Let's get down to business!

0:00 - 0:20 : We begin with a breezy chunk of Mercy action in Anubis, starting off with a nice double-kill while assisting Rein,

0:20 - 0:45 : a daring dive behind enemy lines with Rein (but I had to get outta' there before they turned their attention to me), before my cowardice shamed me

0:45 - 1:05 : and I pulled off another brave-ass Tank dance off a nearly-dead Genji, who was cool enough to climb the arch so I could fling myself out of harm's way.  (McCree's real name is Harm.)  Thanks, Genji!

And then we're just toppin' up my buds!

1:05 - 1:21 : Nothing feels worse, as an Offense hero, than getting killed by a Mercy.

You shoulda' got me, Tracer!  You should've killed meeeeee..!

1:21 - 1:50 : We start off with a two-rez that is the beginning of the end for the defending team.  Elsewhere, nothin' feels worse, for a Reinhardt, than getting killed by a Mercy.

You never shoulda' dropped your shield, old man!

1:50 - 2:09 : Really, this is a fairly even matchup.  Without her sleeping dart + burst damage combo, an Ana under perfect conditions can't out-DPS a Mercy under perfect conditions (Ana does 80 DPS, Mercy does 100 if all shots hit, and both have 200 health).

But still - you didn't sleep or grenade or out-snipe me, ya old coot!

I've spent my share of time on Reaper and Pharah, and even indulged in a bit of Genji from time to time, but Tracer is by far my most-played hero, outside of Mercy.  This weekend, it was time to get back to some blink-and-you'll-miss-it Tracer action.

2:09 - 2:27 : In the early moments of defending the Dorado payload, Tracer helps take out half of the enemy team rrrrarrr!

2:27 - 3:13 : This is part of an amazing round I had on Ilios, and the PS4 crapped out on recording almost all of the good footage.  There was a Bastion camping in the lighthouse, with his back to the corner, and I repeatedly kicked its ass.  Oh well.

Instead, enjoy this footage of me keeping the enemy team off of my boys on the point!  That's Tracer's job, outside of a full-scale team fight - get behind 'em, make them turn around, and make them ignore your team.

I did not want to fight this Junkrat in that little enclosed room.  In fairness, it took me way too long to take this guy out - but in my defense, Junkrat is actually a pretty hard counter to tracer.

I should have just stayed away from him.

3:13 - 3:45 : This is the only footage I was able to get of this incredible run on the Ilios lighthouse (the one with The Bastion).  Still - a few pretty nice takedowns in the opening seconds!

Also, killing a Hanzo as Tracer always feels awesome.  Anytime you take out someone who can one shot you (coughcoughReapercough) feels awesome.

3:45 - 4:31 : This is the skirmish before an actual match, but it's also footage of a Tracer possessed (and eventually Nana boosted into a killing frenzy), just mopping the floors with a flock of Meis.

Meis are also pretty dangerous to Tracer - those icicles of hers will pretty much one-shot me, if it's anywhere near my face.

(The Bastion short movie came out on the 18th.  It lent him a lot of empathy.)

4:31 - 5:05 : Our defense of King's row is all but shattered!  Reaper, Torb and Reinhardt have all gone down, and only Bastion, Sym and I remain.  Bastion has already killed enough to pop his ult, and - already down to half health - he busts it out to do what he can, and I'm there to back him up.

Together we wipe out almost all of the attackers, and by the time his ult runs out, Reinhardt has slipped through Sym's teleporter to throw up his shield as he makes good his retreat.

That Bastion did such a damned good job, I had to run up and properly express my gratitude.  Good job, Bastion!

5:05 - 5:58 : This frickin' Widow is owning our Bastions at the final point of King's Row, and even me, Mercy!  I pop my ult to bring them back into the fight, but not before she brings me down, and I realize there's only one option.

I have to flank this Widow, and take her down.

Then their Mercy rezzes her, of course.  Ah well!

5:58 - 6:20 : Nothin' feels worse, as an Offense hero, than gettin' killed by a Mercy.

I remind myself that this Mercy was part of an elite fucking team.  Like the bastards musta' been high sixties in comp, and they moved like a single unit with mics on - so I don't feel too bad about gettin' pwned by her - but she pwned the crap outta' me, and I gotta' give her props.

Elite-Hunter indeed.

6:21 - 7:01 : Surprise!  It's one of the hardest early fights in Hyper Light Drifter, gettin' rolled by a Drifter with zero upgrades!

Didn't see that shit comin'.

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