Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Overwatch's summer skins and content is... well...

Reactions are mixed.

Overwatch fans have been eagerly anticipating the promised "summer skins" that Blizzard promised earlier in the year since the game's launch.  We - and I was certainly hyped for it as well - were all kind of hoping for some "casual" attire, rather akin to those spectacular fan arts we've seen from artist MonoriRogue (and elsewhere, but Monori pretty much does it best!).

Like, c'mon, that'd be awesome.  But the summer event launch yesterday - here's the details - and what we get (in terms of skins), precisely and entirely, are these:

One skin each - which are basically just recolors, with some new textures - for McCree, Torb, Widowmaker, Genji and Mercy.  A lot of folks are in love with the McCree one - no idea why - but I think the Genji and Mercy ones are... decent.  Then there are six legendary skins that are actually new skins - two each for Lucio, Tracer and Zarya.

Most folks agree that Zarya's blond ponytail is weird and not as cool as her signature pink pompadour - but of the legendaries, her weightlifter gear is definitely on the top of the want lists.  Nobody's really dying for Lucio's soccer duds, but you know everyone's just falling over themselves to get their Tracer in bike shorts.

I know I am.

Now here's the problem.  Let's say you've saved up a few thousand in-game currency from your 100+ levels worth of loot boxes?  Y'know, the kind of currency you can use to buy any other epic or legendary skin in the game?

Well, tough shit - you can't use it to buy the new summer skins.  You can only get them from Overwatch's loot boxes.  When you earn a loot box by leveling up (or buy them like some classless fool), you have the option of opening a standard loot box, or a summer one.  The summer loot boxes are guaranteed to have at least one item from the summer thing - but the items from the summer thing don't begin and end with the above skins.  There's over a hundred of them, almost all of which are shitty icons you don't want or in-game sprays (some of which are kind of okay!) - and you can get duplicates!  So the guaranteed-summer-item you get in your next loot box could just be the stupid spray you got in your last four loot boxes.  That's all awful, but the fact that a player couldn't say to themselves "I really need that red Zarya skin, and I'm ready to cash in my hard-earned in-game coins to get it!" is absolute... ab so lute fucking bullshit.

The summer thing is only going for a limited time - 'till the 22nd of this month - and the NeoGAF Overwatch thread has basically exploded with folks going out and buying a twenty pack of loot boxes, or the fifty pack for $40.

You never know what you'll get in a loot box - it is precisely and clearly gambling - and you know Blizzard are making ridiculous bank off the above six skins.  It's a straight-up money grab, and has very little respect for the intelligence or wellbeing of Blizzard's fans.

Also there's a new thing called Lucioball which is basically like Rocket League except you're Lucio.

Here's the announcement trailer.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to throw money at Blizzard because I want Tracer in bike shorts with a Union Jack cape.

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