Wednesday, August 3, 2016

People are being jerks about Salt & Sanctuary's Vita port.

It's takin' a while, is the problem you see, and the port isn't even being handled by (Salt dev) Ska Studios - it's being done by porting house Sickhead Games (Towerfall, Axiom Verge).  And well, some Vita-centric gamers have been so... vocal about their displeasure at the port's less-than-immediate release.

Salt and Sanctuary, you no doubt remember, is a spectacular 2D Metroidvania riff on the Souls formula - beautiful, bleak, earnest and entirely successful in its pursuit.  So... I have no idea what folks have been saying or tweeting or emailing to Ska Studios and Sickhead Games, but Ska's James Silva said this today;
"In my nine years of professional indie game development, I've seen attitudes go from 95 per cent supportive / five per cent meh to 50 per cent supportive / 50 per cent angry, impatient, and downright hurtful. Not only does it really turn a good mood sour fast, but I just hate to see the industry becoming such a toxic place.  When we agreed to release on Vita, we were told that the middleware would be done by the time we were, but it's turned out to be a much bigger challenge to the incredibly talented devs working on it than anyone expected. It's no one's fault.

Lastly, as a general plea, I wish everyone could be civil to developers."
And that's just... super, super shitty.  So please, fellow gamers - it's awesome to be fans, but maybe don't be dicks.  Never cross the line into being dicks.  Unless it's complaining about Galak-Z's missing Vita version.

Then it's prudent.

Only then, though.

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