Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Clip Show 18: The Lijiang Match.

I made a tiny post about it, but I wanted to put together a clip show about The Lijiang Match.  This was, simultaneously, one of the most frustrating and thrilling matches of my Overwatch career.  We were going in to a Lijiang control match with me healing on Lucio (ideal for everyone fighting in a small area together) and a Reinhardt on tank (infinitely better than no tank at all), and it just...

...was not happening.  Half of this, I feel, was the team absolutely refusing to play as a team.  When we rolled towards the first point, the tank went left, everyone else went right, and I stuck with the tank because that's what a good healer does - keep the tank up.

It did not work.  We were shattered, repeatedly.  Whenever we like, accidentally grouped up, we just couldn't do shit against this team.  Our DPS couldn't get any kills, their powerful healing combination of a Lucio and Mercy absolutely refused to let anyone in their team die, and even without mikes you could tell we were all completely demoralized by the end of Round 2.

The score was 0 and 2, and it was obvious this wasn't working.  It was time to try something fucking insane.  The tank switched to Reaper.  I switched to Tracer.

0:15 - 0:57 : You'll forgive me for rushing the point, as Mercy, but the counter was at 99% and someone had to try to push it to overtime!

Oh, and for folks who don't play Overwatch, everyone emoting "thanks!" is being sarcastic.  They're trying to be dicks to each other.  Thank goodness none of them had microphones.

'Course if they had, I would've just muted them.

0:57 : We change our comp.  We are, now, Soldier, Junkrat, Reaper, Bastion (!?), Genji and Tracer (myself).

The reds are a classic, standard composition - 2-2-2 - that is, two healers (Mercy and Lucio), two DPS (Tracer and Soldier) and two tanks (D.Va and Reinhardt).

We should not be able to do this - but what've we got to lose?

 (The song is Kodo by WeAreCastor.)

1:19 : Tracer Vs. Tracer battles are some of the weirdest mirror matches in Overwatch.  Some might say it all comes down to baiting out the other Tracer's rewind, but a Tracer will rewind if she even gets fifty points knocked off her health bar.  She's got the smallest HP pool in the game, and deals ridiculous damage - a half-second of headshots will end it, so both of you play super-evasive, trying to get the bead on the other for that crucial half-second - but you're both so quick, you never give each other that moment.

So you'll either get lucky, soften them up so your team finishes them off, or your team softens them up so you can finish them off - or one of you will get to the point where you have to run for a health pack and the other Tracer sweeps in behind to finish you off.  I softened her up, and our Bastion took her down.

1:35 : A Tracer's life is worth 2 reds, in my humble oh.

1:40 : I do my best to focus on the Mercy, whenever she's in my field of vision - but when you're Tracer on a point capture map, you're either in the thick of things with your team or off hunting stragglers and breaking up the trickle back to the point.

2:57 : Score: 1 to 2.  You surprised, Soldier?

One of the weirdest aspects of this run is the fact that - aside from our Soldier 76 and Bastion's self-repair - the team has zero healing.  Luckily, Tracer can get to a health pack and back into the action as fast as possible.

3:55 : I'll bet this D.Va and Rein thought they were about to cap the point.  Newp.

4:03 : Bringing D.Va and Soldier down to like 10% health is enough to scare them off, but I'm zipping back and forth so fast, laying down as much DPS as possible, and I don't have the time to finish them off.  Notice the Soldier on our team takes care of it for me.

4:19 : Sticking a bomb to the back of this Rein and just walking forward, through his shield and crucially not looking back when the bomb went off felt so cooool.

4:24 :  Overtime: Round 4. Hahahah I'll bet that Rein is soooo sick of my pulse bombs.  Also, how did this Soldier not know I was just going to appear behind him?  Did he know and ignore it?

That's your ass, Soldier.

And then we just wreck them, our DPS elevated by the perfect timing of our Soldier's ult (it's basically auto-aim for a few seconds - the downside being no headshots).

Score: 2 to 2.

At this point, the reds change their team composition.

Our damage output is too much, and Mercy is too little of a threat not to get picked off immediately when she rears her head, so she switches to something a bit more threatening - Zenyatta.  This is smart, because Zenyatta's ult is essentially an impenetrable shield can completely defend their team our Bastion's, Soldier's, Genji's and Reaper's ults.

Their D.Va switches to Hanzo - also not a bad idea - when played conservatively, Hanzo can one-shot a foe at almost zero risk to himself.

Switching up their comp is smart - but their initial comp was smart too.  And look where bein' smart got ya?

5:06 : Hahahahahahahahaahaaaah!  How did you not see this coming, Soldier?!

5:41 : Unbelievable.  Our Soldier wins Play of the Game for an actually pretty sick streak when I was still on Mercy, and a card for eliminations (but don't be fooled - he was one of the goobers emoting 'thanks' at the end of round 2).  I'm not surprised I didn't get a card, or the PotG - this wasn't my best Tracer work - but I got silver on elims, silver on objective kills, gold on objective time and gold on healing, having only played an offensive class for just over half the game.  I got seven less elims than he did.

Shoulda' just gone Tracer from the start.

And that, my friends, was one of the craziest fucking matches I've ever had, wherein theorycraft just did not compute.

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