Saturday, September 10, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 17: Mercy Must Die.

I actually put together a 20-minute vid, but that's just crazy.  I cut a ton out of it, and I kept going back through to cut more but so much of it was The Good Shit, I just couldn't bring myself to lose any.  I had an amazing highlight on Nepal where I finish off a red Junkrat and somethin' else, then blink up behind a McCree who's looking out over the point, using his ult, and I kill him before he fires off his Deadeye shots, blink through his falling corpse and land on the point.  It was awesome.

But twenty minutes is crap!  Who's got twenty minutes to watch Overwatch gameplay?  And sure I had an amazing Reinhardt ult combo with a Reaper in there, and yeah I got some sweet PotGs on Tracer and D.Va, but the thing that thrilled me most was five minutes of long cuts of a match on Ilios, with my brother, on Tracer.  So let's just post that.


Or I could spend most of my Friday evening putting together the post for the 20 minute vid!  And then I could change my mind, include some funny stuff from last night's comp games and mercilessly cut the thing down to seven minutes!  Fuck off, dominant Symmetra performance, you're not awesome enough for my clip show!  Get outta' here, repeated Roadhog assassinations!  You take too long because his HP pool is practically infinite... so...

Let's get started.

Oh!  And zero Mercy action!  I think this might be like my first clip show ever with zero Mercy play in it.  I've grown!  Anywho...

I should post the video.

0:00 - 0:16 : I'm terribly burnt that I wasn't able to record this whole round, 'cause this Play of the Match came at the tail end of a sweet little streak of good Tracer work - but you're still bein' stylish when you help take out Mercy, finish off Junkrat and come up behind an ulting McCree before you leap over his falling corpse and blink forward to land on the point.

Good feels.

0:17 - 0:40 : I am a super-sneaky Tracer!  And I am in prime position to sweep up behind the reds as they come in to try to cap the point on Lijiang.  Hanzo ain't payin' attention to me... good... Winston and McCree never so much as glance my way, perfect... but Zarya comes around the corner headed right for me fuck start shooting fuck it's on!

I am terribly lucky that my team chose this moment to push - and lucky the Zarya was freaked out enough to pop her bubble so early.  I know very well how terrified you are, as Zarya, to be in a team fight without your bubble, so when she backs off that's my moment to get up in her grill and put her down.

Zarya's the tiniest of the tanks, so my spray barely scratches her - but our Reinhardt's flamestrike hits her, and that knocks her down low enough for me to easily finish her off.  Meanwhile, our Mei walls off Zarya, the enemy Mei and I from the teamfight.  Tracer Vs. Mei is not particularly favorable for either party - but Mei has the advantage of being able to one-shot me with an icicle to the head.  This one doesn't.  And she dies for it.

0:40 - 1:20 : I'm moving in to ambush some respawns on Lijiang, and I run right into McCree!

I love fighting McCree, as Tracer, because he's one of my most-direct counters.  Unlike every other DPS, McCree is specifically an anti-DPS character - he's an anti-flanker, The Anti-Tracer - meant to stick with his team and protect the healers and tanks from folks like me and Reaper.  He should be able to take me out of the equation with zero problems - a solid Fan the Hammer will kill me, and a single headshot will drop me to 10 HP, meaning a single melee or bodyshot ends the conversation.

So I love fighting McCree, and when I see him rolling towards me, I go for it.  I keep my distance as I bait out his flashbang (which stuns me, and all-but-guarantees the kill) and move in to keep pressure on him.  I've almost got him down, but Zenyatta drops the harmony orb on him!  That's okay, I can burn down his HP fast enough to overcome 30 health per second - but oh shits Zarya shields him and now it's 3-on-1.  Not a favorable matchup for any character - so I get the heck out of Dodge, sweeping back behind our line and zipping forward just in time to catch...

Well hel-looo there, McCree!  Ready for round two?  (He never even scratches me!)

Always feels so good.

1:20 - 1:35 : So good.

Yeah, thanks Mei.  You earned that.

A few outliers aside, I've found the most success in season 2 competitive by just playing whatever my team needs to push it towards a reasonable composition.  Obviously I feel most comfortable with Mercy and Tracer, but if what we need is a tank, or a support for our DPS (Zenyatta, Mei), I'll roll that just to make sure our comp is well balanced - and lately I've actually had a weird amount of success with D.Va!

1:35 - 2:14 : D.Va on Eichenwalde!

There are two ways to tank as D.Va (I've found) - one, you play her as a flanker/harasser, getting around the sides of the fight and buzzing the enemy team into paying attention to me while my line takes advantage of the distraction.  Two, you stay back a bit, with your line, and just hold down attack to keep constant pressure on the reds.

We don't know what we're in for, yet, so I set up with my team and start hammering their Rein's shield.  Their Bastion, getting a bit too big for his mechanical britches, sets up on the payload outside of Rein's protective shield - and now it's D.Va's time to shine!

I give him a second to begin blasting away at my crew, and then - whups! - defense matrix!  The matrix completely eliminates any projectiles and hitscan attacks that pass through it.  It can negate Reaper and Pharah ults, and blowing its entire charge on a set-up Bastion is a... hopeful maneuver.  At most, I can give my team four seconds of protection from Bastion's ridiculous damage output.  After that, the defense matrix drops, and he will absolutely murder us.

But the team doesn't let me down.

Reaper and McCree take advantage of the matrix, and obliterate Bastion.  Their Rein realizes it's going south, and blows his ult.  Their Torb thinks this is his chance and activates Molten Core.  I'm nearly dead, but our Zenyatta pops his ult to keep the team alive, giving me enough time to get back on my feet and keep pressure on them.  I step forward, keeping the triggers jammed down, almost there... almost there... and I get to the perfect angle to jam on my thrusters and activate self-destruct.

Play of the Game.

2:14 - 2:23 : Hey look, it's a Reinhardt with his back to me!

Pulse bomb!

Double kill!  Yuss.

2:23 - 2:31 : C'mere, Mei, I'm gonna' getcha!  Or just ice block.  Fine.  Oooh, hey look, it's a Reinhardt with his back to me!

Pulse bomb!

Double kill!  Yuss.

2:31 - 2:40 : Hey look, our Zarya fired her graviton surge onto the point!  And it's a Reinhardt facing me!


Pulse bomb!

Aw, I died.

Double kill!

Triple kill!  Yuss!

2:40 - 2:57 : I love, love, love Tracer on Ilios.  Pulse bomb!  Double kill!  Chase down the Rein and finish him!  (Jazzy hands!) Tracer!

And now, Mercy Must Die.

As a Mercy main, I can tell you there are, primarily, two things that can completely destroy my capacity to help my team - which in turn destroys our collective capacity to win a match.  One, when they're all like 100 yards away doing their own thing and there's no way for me to heal more than one in a single fight.  When that happens, you either pocket a single exemplary player or change classes and go solo.

Two, Tracer.

Tracer, man.  I cannot count the number of matches I've had where I had to gently, calmly ask my team
"could someone please deal with this fucking Tracer?"
Because a Tracer understands that the enemy Mercy will keep her team alive, and if you get an all-important double or triple or quad kill, the enemy Mercy will be waiting in the wings to sweep in and undo all your hard work.

A good Tracer will not let that Mercy do her good work.  A good Tracer's good work is evil, evil work.  She will be on you, all match, shutting you down - and then your team gets rolled, calling out "I need healing!" as you walk back from the spawn - and at that point it's like

Protect your Mercies, people.

I have been Mercy, on the receiving end of Good Tracer Work too many times to count.  There's no other class that'll do it to me like a Tracer will.

Well, this week, I was that Tracer.

2:57 - 3:07 : Tracer goes for the flank, and intercepts the red Mercy trying to rejoin her team.   This Mercy does exactly what she should (if you don't count shooting me) - she makes a beeline to a point where she can use her Guardian Angel ability to outrun almost any class in the game, and get to some allies who will hopefully protect her.

It's worth noting, you can't outrun Tracer.  And if you try, Tracer just loooves shooting people in the back.

Hey, I'll take your Genji too!

3:07 - 3:21 : Mercy's on the point, and getting Tracer's full attention.  She almost breaks line-of-sight when she runs... right into my brother on D.Va, who finishes the job just as the red Genji pops his ult.  I spray him up, but he gets one of those (absolutely world-shattering) sword slashes on me, dropping my health to critical.

You really... don't want to blink around on that back ledge all that much - that's how Tracers fall do their doom! - but I blink back, put a bead on him and zzzip - ult shutdown!

3:21 - 3:34 : It's Reinhardt that has my attention on the Ilios pit, but ooh look Mercy's here!  You get my full attention!  ...and my brother gets the killing blow.  Oh well.

3:34 - 3:43 : This is me, landing, just after having been blown off the map by Junkrat's concussive mine and rewinding back to solid ground.  And ooh look Mercy's here!

I like to think there was a beautiful moment, here, when she was running away and I'd blinked in front of her and pulled a 180, and she knew what was about to happen.  For that glimmering second, she could see the future.

3:43 - 4:00 : This is the tail end of a long-ass kill streak, but this is also the absolute best part of this entire clip show, for my money.  I had buzzed this Mercy (and the Winston) when the Soldier rolled in from behind to pressure me.  I got out of Dodge and healed up, and the Mercy emotes a "thanks!" to the Soldier who saved her.

But Tracer's not done.

I soften her up before the Soldier realizes what's happening, and run up behind them in the alley.  Soldier turns around to protect her, but I'm gone - I'm ahead of her, again, and we share another glimmering moment.  The soldier has turned around, and a rewind puts me back behind him again, easily blowing off the last half of his health.

Oooh, look, a Winston!

4:00 - 5:21 : This long shot shines a spotlight on yours truly being an absolute asshole to this red Mercy.

The red Soldier and D.Va throw their ults onto the point, I take the opportunity to blink through their line, and what should I find on the other side but their Mercy?

Hello, Mercy.  You die now.

I guess I could have helped out my team on the point, but that seemed counter-productive.  Instead, I head back to near their spawn and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Give it time.

Did you hear that?  I swear I heard a pair of high-heels klacking towards me.

Oh hi, Mercy!

And now we'll get on the point and add my DPS to my team's. Granted I don't... get much actual work done, and things are lookin' a little dicey so I get off the point and ooh look there's a Pharah coming in!  Bye Pharah!

Ooh, Pharah was being healed by Mercy!

Hi Mercy!

And let's help them clean up the last reds on the point... thank you for that ult, Zarya... and round one is ours.

I really didn't have to emote at her when I killed her.  That was a bit much.  But it worked.


The Mercy switched to McCree for the rest of the game.  We won.

5:21 - 5:52 : Only this Mercy and Mei were worth their salt.  The Mercy, if you'll notice, is the only one in this entire clip show who pulled her pistol to pressure me - which is exactly what a good Mercy should do, if escape is impossible.  It just doesn't help when she gets a pulse bomb stuck to her face.

The Mei, to her credit, turns around to help her Mercy, and that darned Tracer is so amused by the double kill - look at Mercy dangling from the tail on her Devil skin!  Ahhhahahah! - she can't help emoting.

What an idiotic, dangerous mistake.  If Hanzo or Widowmaker, further up the line, had just looked to their right they would have seen a perfect standing-still headshot opportunity - but they kept their eyes on our spawn, and don't look away when said idiotic, dangerous Tracer flanks them and takes out the Hanzo with a single clip.

The Widow still doesn't look to the right, and keeps her eye through her scope, so really, she deserved this.

5:52 - 6:51 : Our show comes to a close with a run of solid Tracer work at the tail end of Route 66.  Originally I was just going to include the Mei takedown that begins it, but c'mon, this whole thing was awesome.

The red Mercy revives her team, and I throw my pulse bomb into the mix in the hopes that I'll catch them just as the rez's invincibility ends.  It only catches the Hanzo, and the Mei knows she's about to die, so she pops her ice block.

Patience, Tracer.  Patience.

The block drops and I give her a good, solid spray - but not quite enough to kill her before she walls me off.  But I'm Tracer, Mei!  And I've already flanked you! Bye!

Now we're down to the final stretch, and this Widow is by far the most dangerous piece on the board.  I have owned Route 66, as widow, on this stretch, just because the sightlines are so perfect for it.  I give her a little tickle to get her attention, and go for the flank.  Mercy tries to heal her on my approach, but for some reason my aiming is just on point as I sweep along beside them, and she goes down as I blink away for the health pack.

I zip up on top of the trailer to drop down on Mercy from above, but our Soldier's already taken her out!  Reinhardt's got his back to me, and that's what we call an "ult battery."  I drill him down and get outta' there as the Hanzo starts pressuring me, but I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere, and I take him out just in time to turn my attention to D.Va, blow my ult and pop her out of her mech.

And that's the game.

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