Friday, September 2, 2016

Overwatch! Season 2 is out! No Sombra! Free weekend! CLIP SHOW 16!!!

In a shocking (shocking!) move, competitive season 2 of Overwatch begins today!  Well... yesterday on PC and Xbox one, but it made it out on PS4 in time for me to goove on it over the long weekend wewt!

Most of us expected Sombra to make her appearance before season 2.  All of us expected Blizzard to give us some time to come to grips with the new map (the castle Eichenwald) and the recent balance changes (Genji nerf!  Zenyatta nerf!  Lucio nerf!  Hanzo buff! Mercy buff! Mei buff!) before the next competitive season began.

Well, they won't be doin' that.  Comp mode season 2 is nigh, suckas.

Also, if you don't have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, you'll be able to taste-test this (totally fucking awesome) game on PS4 and Xbox One from September 9th to 12th for free, no purchase or PS+ required!

On to clip show(s)!

I love Tracer/Winston ship,
and I looove Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so this is all kinds of awesome for me. 

Last week I uploaded what was, at that point, the best match of my entire Overwatch career as Tracer - Clip Show 15 - but I just didn't have time to make a clip show post about it.  It's not the entire match - it's a Tracer highlight and then a Mercy highlight and then every kill and death of mine in as Tracer on what was, at the time, an amayyyyzing Numbani match.  It's about five minutes.

And so I kinda' let Mercy slide last week - though OWRanklist insists my best match ever was with the Healing Angel (I am Super Mom)

- and stuck with Tracer, for the most part.  A little Reinhardt here, a little Ana there, but 90% Tracer.

And for months, I've kind of felt like my Tracer was... a guilty pleasure.  Like I was a drain on my team when I played her, but it was worth it because she is so goddamned fun.  Her fun factor is off the charts, and last weekend... it's not fair to say she clicked with me, because she clicked months ago, but somehow, last weekend, I discovered I was actually good with Tracer.  Which is an epic fucking feeling.  Having a great match as Tracer is an amazing feeling.

Now I appreciate that your time is precious, and you're probably gonna' look at the playtime on this video and say "newp, I ain't doin' that, Son."  That's cool.  You don't have to watch it!  But maybe someone does wanna' watch it - and this post is as much for me as it is for that imaginary fantasy reader.

0:00 - 0:22 : The end of a nice match on Numbani is won when we clear this group - which ends when Genji falls.  Tragically, in the actual play of the game, it didn't show (or play the sound effects showing) that I nailed that Genji, but yeahhh Tracer PotG yeahhhh.

0:22 - 0:49 : It's not often you see a Mei Play of the Game!  (Wish it were mine.)  But I get a card for best kill streak!

0:49 - 1:05 : The Tracer running around in the above PotG was me, all along!  Chance!  Why did I use my pulse bomb on a nearly-dead Mercy?!

1:05 - 1:12 :  This is when you use a pulse bomb.  You run up into a Roadhog's grill after he's used his healing ability, unload your machine pistols into his giant hitbox, drop the bomb and zing - no more Roadhog.  Otherwise, you're just doin' this:

1:12 - 1:38 : A beautiful streak on Hanamura defense.  For some reason I've had tons of success with Tracer on Hanamura, and this is a great example.  I blink behind a Hanzo to soften him up for our sniper, zip over to their Mercy, and freak her out to the point that she flies off to the (apparent) safety of their Reaper.  I spray them both with the pulse pistols and blink into the Mercy's flank, finishing her off.  A quick rewind gets me out of danger as our Soldier finishes off the Reaper, which lines me up perfectly to buzz their Soldier to death.  And then it's back behind our lines to snag a health pack!


1:38 - 1:51 : Still on Hanamura, a Soldier and a Zenyatta who've clocked me is not a good matchup, so I skip behind the choke for a little breathing room - but there's no time to breathe!  Symmetra announces an enemy on our point, and I blink in there to check it out - a dangerous gambit with less than 50 HP.  It's a Reinhardt, and he tries to nail me with Flamestrike, but I'm too close to him for it to hit, giving him a quick spray with the pistols before dropping my bomb on him.

He's nearly dead, and dumb enough to drop his shield - all it takes is a little tickle to bring him down.  And then the rest of my team shows up!  Sorry guys, nothin' to see here.

1:51 - 2:05 : A few classes can one-shot Tracer - Widow and Hanzo can both do it with a headshot, and Hanzo can also do it with his scatter arrow - so killing a Hanzo always feels super-good. Niccce.

2:05 - 2:43 : Tracer should not be the one taking the point while the rest of the team is off keeping the enemy busy - Tracer is the one who should be well behind enemy lines, ready to stomp on Point B as soon as A rolls over.

But that's okay, because as soon as I take the point, I'm gone!  I zip across the left flank, snag a health pack and bam - I'm takin' point B!  I've got it up to 30% but oh no, a Genji shows up!  Symmetra and Zenyatta are with him!  Time to GTFO but here's a parting gift, suckaaa!

2:43 - 2:53 : Ahhh a pulse bomb is always worth it for a double kill.

2:53 - 3:18 : This is the first Tracer Play of the Game I've ever been seriously proud of.  The enemy team consists of

  1. That Lucio
  2. The Zenyatta (small hitbox, I ignore him - though he's incredibly dangerous to me)
  3. A Winston
  4. Another Winston
  5. A Tracer and
  6. Another Tracer
We begin with Lucio, who I always have a hard time killing.  He basically needs to be sitting still for me to kill him, so thank you, McCree!  Couldn't've done it without you!

But WHAM, their tanks are on the point, and I cannot resist a hitbox that big.  I zip past Zenny and begin unloading into a Winston - and here begins our Play of the Game.

The Winston's barrier drops, he heads back towards his team and our Zenyatta drops the Discord orb on him (increasing damage done to him by 50% - it's now been nerfed to 30%).  That's enough of a buff to let me take him down with another clip's worth of pulse rounds.

By this point, I'm dangerously close to the enemy line, so I toss out my pulse bomb and oh my God I stuck it to their Tracer, who doesn't rewind out of it.  She goes down, along with the other Winston.

After I rewind, two-thirds of their team is dead, and I'm confident enough to go after that Zenyatta - but their Tracer blinks right into me instead, so I unload into her grill.

It's worth noting, you can totally still hit and kill a Tracer mid-blink - and here, I do.

So there goes all but one of the red team.

3:18 - 3:43 : So the other night, I'm playing with my brother.  He says he'll be right back and I'm like "whoah whoah are you in for the next game or are we quitting?" and he doesn't answer.  So I wait.

The next game starts.  It's at the character select, and he gets back on the headset and I tell him "dude you need to select your char right now or it's gonna' kick you!"

"Oh oh I'm gonna' get kicked, huh?" he says sarcastically.  Then he gets kicked, and he ends up spectating the whole following match.  And he witnesses this.

We had just taken the point off the reds, in overtime at 99%.  Instead of sittin' still, I blitz towards their spawn and keep their entire fucking team busy while the progress gauge ticks up to 25%.  By the time any of them get to our point, it's at 50% - but the rest of it isn't as cool as this action.

My brother was like "I didn't know Tracers could do that."


3:43 - 4:05 : Getting PotG as a tank (who's not Diva) is always a special moment.  In this case, it's a moment that makes really clear I shoulda' gone after that damned Mercy first!

So Soldier goes down, Mercy rezzes him (and Mei), then Soldier and Mercy goes down.

That's what you get for being an attentive healer, Mercy!

Also - gold elims on Reinhardt?  What the fuck was my team doing?!

4:05 - 4:25 : Not my finest Reinhardt moment, to be sure, but shutting down a Genji ult is always a worthy trade.  And it's educational!  Hey, Me when I'm playing Reinhardt!  Throw up your fucking shield when it gets dicey, you did not have to die here!

4:25 - 4:42 : 




Bastion is dangerous in recon mode, and a firehose of doom in turret form.  He saw a huge resurgence in play after the latest short was released, and I spent most of this Route 66 match shutting him down.  For starters, a quick pulse bomb delivery to the payload, which ends up being a sweet triple kill!

4:42 - 4:58 : After the previous team wipe, I zipped back to their spawn and waited.  And waited... and followed them all sneaky like!  If you turn the volume up, you can hear their Reaper behind and to the left - and he sees me going for Bastion.  I wait for him to set up in turret form and expose that sweet, sweet soft spot as Reaper takes his first shot at me.  Reaper mighta' taken me out if my brother hadn't chosen that moment to sweep in on D.Va with his defense matrix up, inadvertently shielding me from Reaper's assault as I zip through Bastion's health.  Noice.

4:58 - 5:22 : This Bastion is (prudently) terrified of me, by this point, so when he sees me coming he immediately backs the fuck up, stays in recon mode for maneuverability and tries to take me on with Ana healing him the whole time.

Ana is a fucking epic healer - particularly when dealing with a target as huge as Bastion - but this here is a great example of Tracer's ability to dance around a target, laying down damage and disappearing, rewinding at the right moment, and getting out of Dodge when I hear their Soldier coming up behind me.  Better luck next time, Bastion!

5:22 - 5:34 : Hahahahahahahahah!  It's just you and me, Bastion!  It's just you and meeee!

5:34 - 5:48 :  Bastion still must die!  I think this Bastion mighta' seen me comin', and tried to circumvent my flanking maneuver - but you can't solo me, Bastion!  S'pecially not with McCree softening you up a bit from range.

5:48 - 5:58 : I'm Tracer - it took some doin' to get me up on that rooftop, in prime position to drop down behind the enemy line as they made their advance - and lookie here, it's a Bastion set up in turret form, ripe for the pickin'!

5:58 - 6:21 : Not my best use of my ult, I'll admit - especially after Pharah softened him up - but takin' out a Mercy while she's being defended by a Genji?  That's a sweet plum.

6:21 - 6:51 : Behold, my worst - and yet most-exciting! - Bastion takedown.  I love that beautiful moment when he turns, we both see each other and - blink! - it's on!  What an absolute waste of my ult!

6:51 - 7:10 : I pulled out Symmetra for an Anubis defense and it went quite well.

7:10 - 7:19 : Yes, this is technically a triple-kill, but note the kill feed in the top-left - Bastion got the final blow on all of them, I just softened them up real good with a single charged shot.

7:19 - 7:49 : Numbani (and Hanamura) are where my Tracer really came alive last week, and this showcases a classic but risky Tracer move - blinking right in to the enemy line to encourage them to turn around, giving my team an opportunity to move in and hit them while they're distracted.

Then, once they turn back around to deal with my peeps, I'm behind them, and able to take advantage of the flank.  And the point is ours!

7:49 - 8:07 : This Mei had been a problem for me for most of the game, and finishing her off in the final moments like this was scrumptious - which gives my ult the charge it needs to finish off the Reinhardt - and then we take it on home.

Emoting before the Victory splash goes up is always risky.  But it feels good, man.  Feels good.

So anyway, I'm in quick play (this was between the first two competitive seasons), we're about to attack King's Row, and this dude in voice chat announces that he's going to practice McCree.

"Well, then," I tell him, "I'm gonna' practice my Ana."

In the end, I felt so confident after this King's Row attack that I picked her again for defense and we got rolled.  But let's not talk about that!

8:07 - 8:49 : Ana's strength is in her phenomenal burst and single-target healing, and the way her kit can bend to deal with particularly dangerous foes.  There's no way a Mercy could heal up that D.Va so quick!

Tragically, her weakness (like Symmetra and Zenyatta) is her complete lack of mobility - so I am lucky as crap that the enemy D.Va's ult didn't kill me.  But again, Ana's healing is so potent that my ult is up and ready to go, and I'm able to boost the Reinhardt at the crucial moment.

Watching the footage again, I feel kinda' bad that I focused entirely on healing the Rein and ignored our D.Va, to the death of her mech, but whatever works, man!  The payload is ours!

And I take it as a compliment that the ulting Genji took me down first.

8:49 - 9:05 : Watch!  As I totally miss that shot on my McCree!  (Good thing he didn't need it.)

Thrill!  As I shut down Mercy with my sleep dart, giving our Reinhardt the time to go in swinging which (along with my grenade) takes her out of the equation!

Gasp! As I run in the totally wrong direction to evade D.Va's ult!  Why didn't I just get behind the payload?  Dumbass.

9:05 - 10:05 : This is the entire final run down to the point, and Ana is on fiyaaa!  I'm healin' everyone!  That Mei musta' been sooo pissed that I out-healed her damage on our Rein during her ult!

Then I use my ult on Rein again, and he rolls down the enemy line, I'm healin' my bros!  I'm sleepin' Mei so my bros can kill 'er!  I'm healin' my bros!  I'm sleepin' Mei again!  I'm landing the killing blow on their Mercy and my DPS and tanks do such a kickass job that we just stroll the last few yards to the point.


10:05 - 10:26 : Gotta' give props when they're due.  I was defending with Ana on Dorado (I really need to stop pulling Ana on defense), and when this enemy Mercy killed me, I knew she'd just gotten the play of the game.  Watching the footage, it's clear she was fishing for it, though.

Still, watch this shit!

She 99%s our Soldier, while ignoring the imminent demise of her Genji.  Her Genji goes down, giving her the opportunity to res three of her buds, and finally she swings around the corner and 100%s me.  I went down and was like "dayum.  You deserved that, Mercy."

And finally...

Best piece of Tracer fan art ever, right?  Source.

10:26 - 10:42 : And lo, this is far and away the most awesome thing I've ever done as Tracer.  We ended up losing this match, but I don't care.  This was frickin' incredible.

A few of us are on the point in the pit in Nepal, and the red Junkrat calls out his ult.

My ult is at 7%.  It builds slowly, over time, or I build a tiny bit for every bullet that hits a foe.

Blink! - I'm off the point, hunting for the ulting Junk.  Their Lucio's got his back, but I'm in there, avoiding the Lucio's attacks and blasting Junk in the head, blinking back and forth, and the Junk realizes he's about to die while he's driving his tire - so he swings it around.  ...but he doesn't blow it.

In the meantime, the red Winston kills our Ana.

If the Junkrat blows his tire to kill me, he knows, he'll die too - and if he doesn't, there's a chance his Lucio can take me down before I kill him.

His Lucio can't, though, and in the end it only took two clips to take him out.  In a beautiful final stroke of luck-slash-skill, I blink through his falling corpse before his Total Mayhem grenades go off (which will insta-kill me, even mid-blink), and swing around the corner to see McCree's back to me, the moment he kills our Mei.

One down.  My ult is at 48%.

10:42 - 10:52 : A McCree has no business getting killed by a Tracer, especially when he's being healed by his Lucio - and I went into this engagement with a mere one blink at my disposal - but I'm able to time my blinks just perfectly, dancing around McCree so he can never turn to get a bead on me.  He goes down, and the red Lucio flees onto the point, where his team has all but wiped mine - their ulting Soldier has just killed my brother (D.Va), and the enemy Reinhardt has killed our Rein.

Two down. My ult is at 89%.

10:52 - 11:00 : I follow the Lucio on to the point, where the red Reinhardt and Winston are trying to take down our Lucio.  That's a pair of huge hitboxes, and I unload a clip into Winston's back.

My ult is at 100%.  I throw it between the Rein and the Winston.

The Rein brings up his shield too late.  The pulse bomb goes off, takes nearly all of his health with it, and instakills their Winston and - finally - Lucio.

Four down.

I blink through the Rein's shield and pull a 180 as our Lucio fires off his Sound Barrier on us, and unload a clip into Reinhardt's back to finish the job - five down - as their Soldier emerges from the side room.  But I'm on point.  I'm on fire.  I'm unstoppable, and one clip's all I need to take him.

And that.  Makes.  Six.

I am the fucking whirlwind.



  1. As a non-imaginary reader, I watched it. And the last Tracer bits made me realize that I am bad at Overwatch and should feel bad. This is something I must come to terms with before the healing can begin.

    1. One: Ohmigod I believed in you and you came true!!!
      Two: Don't feel bad, 99.99% of my matches are nowhere near as smooth as that last Tracer bit. That is, far and away, the coolest thing I have ever accomplished. I'm on the low end of Gold rank (this would be low-40s for Comp season 1), so I'm seriously not a great player. But I have fun!