Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sundered. Looks. AWESOME!

Okay, so, Sundered is the next thing from Thunder Lotus - the indies that put together the gorgeous adventure/boss rush game Jotun, which Chamberlain feels is far prettier than it is fun.  And I trust him mostly, so I'm prepared to give Jotun (which recently launched on consoles) a pass while I wait for Sundered, because Sundered is a 2D Roguelike Metroidvania in a Lovecraftian world!

All of those things are awesome!  And you put them together and then you combine them with Thunder Lotus's astounding presentation and animation and I'm like ohhh shits I gots to get me somma' that. 

But I'll have to wait 'till 2017 - comin' to PS4 and PC.

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