Saturday, October 29, 2016

Awesome Posters! Ver. 6.0

The yearly tradition returns!

Ver. 5.0
Ver. 4.0
Ver. 3.0
Ver. 2.0
Ver. 1.0

Kayla got herself some fine art too.  I really liked the... energy of Johnni Kok's Overwatch stuff, but if you bought two you got two free, so Kayla got this one

And I got a Mei, a Mercy and a Tracer.  The Mei is not great, but whatevs.

There were a lot of artists with what I would call "higher quality" Overwatch art - like I coulda' got this one,

...but the face is just wrong.  And much as I love the composition, it just didn't have the spirit that I wanted.  Anywho...

I got a pretty nice Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere) from Reema A...

The artist there with the most uniformly gorgeous stuff was PulsArtStudio, and I was this close to getting an Okamiden one, but it wasn't Okami.  Kayla got herself this lovely Madoka piece.

And finally, of course, we made the yearly pilgrimage to Justin Currie's booth.  Kayla got herself Heartless Sora, 

I grabbed an original of his called The Last Iron Sword,

and, of course, Currie's entry into Blizzard's 21 Days of Overwatch thing, Zenyatta.

One for home, one for the office.

Finally, for the last two years when we go to the 'con, I've had my eye on a certain hoodie.  And I acknowledge it's less than... practical.  I don't care.  I finally got a Chewbacca hoodie.

When you zip it up all the way in the front, it becomes a mask of Chewbacca :) :) :)

It's okay to be jelly.  I know you're jelly of my Wookie hoodie.

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