Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Exile's End launches October 25th on Vita and PS4.

Ten bucks.  Not really feeling the animation... but ten bucks, ain't bad.  Worth keepin' an eye on. I want Guacamelee 2...

Oh, also, on a personal note,

...I just need to vent and say I had the shittiest fucking day today.

I had to burn a vacation day yesterday, in order to be home for a boiler repair dude who was just coming in to do regular bi-yearly maintenance.  So,

  • on a vacation day, I have to be up at the crack of dawn.
  • The fucker doesn't show up until after my work day would have ended
  • so I burned a vacation day for no fucking reason
  • He charges me $300.00, and leaves.  
  • I go to sleep, and wake up frozen to the core because we've got no fucking heat
  • So I go to work, cold on a deep and fundamental level, and call the company to explain that I need him to return - but just to make sure I have enough space on my credit card, I give my balance and statement a peek.  There's a $200 charge I don't recognize from a company called something-something-luxembourg. 
  • So I call my credit card company, and indeed it is fraud, so now I have no fucking credit card. 
  • A dipshit at the office was a total fucking dipshit and I'm not about to post that shit on the internet. 
  • On the way home, I pulled my fucking shoulder.  
Fuck this fuck that fuck everything. 

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