Monday, October 10, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 21 : Ooh La La.

Apparently the above super-hip and generously-belted femme is Sombra, leaked ahead of an anticipated Halloween event to begin tomorrow (Tuesday the 11th).  We'll see.  We'll see.  I'm just hoping / afraid that we'll see a Witch skin for Mercy in seasonal loot boxes that will compel me to spend another small fortune on this damn game.  'Cause you know if there's a Witch Mercy skin, I gotta' get all up in that biz.

Anyway, clip show!

First up, I finally put that Winston PotG I've been so proud of into a clip show.

0:00 - 0:32 : The final attack push as we defend on Numbani, it's pretty much just down to Genji bouncing around on the payload to stall it.  After respawning, I go flying over the enemy line to land beside their Ana, and put her down.  Zero Suit D.Va and Tracer are still on the point!  I buzz 'em with my Tesla Cannon and drop my shield to absorb their shots as I do my dark work on their teensy tiny health bars (the only type of health bar that Winston can meaningfully affect).

But they are reinforced!  Zarya rolls in, and she's at high charge!  She starts chewing through my health pool with gusto, but boom - Winston ult!  It'll take her a bit longer to gnaw her way through 1,000 HP, and I whack her off the point and chase her down, finishing her off.

The Genji emoted "thanks!" after I cleared the point.

Felt good.  Felt good.  It's the first Winston PotG I've ever seen that didn't involve an environmental kill.

0:32 - 1:13 : Zarya!  The only thing that feels better than getting on a roll with Zarya is finding yourself in the middle of a brief and invincible Tracer blitz, and the 5-stack I was with took excellent advantage of the opportunities Zarya provides.   We begin with the enemy Ana using Nanoboost on their Zarya.  She's already at high charge, and thus incredibly dangerous, but she doesn't actually get anything done with it - she doesn't kill any of us - and as soon as the Nanoboost wears off, Genji and I push past their line to eliminate that pesky healer before we turn around to deal with the rest of the team.

That is the best wombo combo I've ever achieved, and it felt super-cool when our Pharah just like appeared in front of me, firing her barrage into them.  She landed, teabagged, sprayed the ground and shot back into the sky.

She did not get Play of the Game for it.

1:13 - 1:28 : And I did not get PotG for this sweet push.  They grouped themselves up into a nice little pocket, focus-firing Genji and I.  Genji's nearly dead, but a bubble on him keeps him alive and boosts my damage as he dashes through them, doing damage to everyone.  Then I bubble myself as Genji flips around and finishes off the Ana.

Beautiful push.  Genji got PotG for it :)

1:28 - 2:18 : I really should play Tracer more - I keep on being so damned successful with her.  This round actually had a lot of incredible Tracer plays - like the enemy team just could not kill me, to the point that I felt like I was comically dancing around them.  Tragically, the capture function fucked up and what we're left with is this series of kills, punctuated with a lot of me walking into walls and being a dick to their Mercy.

That Hanzo really kept me on my toes, though.  And I didn't even clock that Reaper who was obviously coming for me for like the last half of this cut.  It showed the kill cam and I was like "ohhh a Reaper!"

2:18 - 2:28 : Hahahahahah just you and me, Mercy!  Was good of you to put up a fight!  And speaking of Mercy...

2:28 - 2:44 : I was playing with my brother on this defense of Eichenwalde, and as soon as I hit the rez and jumped backwards off the bridge, I said into the mic "sorry man, that was Play of the Game."

Not often you see a four-rez as Mercy!  But wait, there's more..!

2:44 - 3:23 : We ended up losing this Hollywood defense, but it wasn't on account of one hard-workin' Mercy who knew when to get the fuck out of Dodge.  I was, of course instantly killed when I flew out, and the Soldier still had his ult up when my team returned - but it was either that or forefit the match.  Someone had to get bodies on that payload - even if they're zombie, soon-to-be-re-dead bodies.

(Jazzyhands) Overwatch!

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