Monday, October 3, 2016

The Crimson Court comes to Darkest Dungeon in early 2017.

The above image - without the Darkest Dungeon logo and the details at bottom - popped up in my Twitter feed today, and my heart leapt up in my chest.  This looked like... stylish-ass additional content for Darkest Dungeon..!  ...and it IS!!!

Tragically, the information on the above image is all we have, right now, about The Crimson Court.  Is it a new dungeon?  Is it a new boss?  Red Hook ain't tellin' - this is the entire update at Darkest Dungeon's blog:
“The Blood!  I must have the Blood!”

Our first DLC, “The Crimson Court”, is slated for Early 2017 on PC/MAC/Linux/PS4/VITA. Grab Darkest Dungeon on PS4/VITA while its still on sale for North American PS+ Members.
There's two important things to draw from this.

One: "our first DLC."  There's gonna' be more, Baby!



[update] Word is it'll have a new class!  Bwannng! [/update]

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  1. My money's on mountains next. Possibly of madness.