Saturday, October 22, 2016

Twenty Sweet Seconds.

Chamberlain has assured me that Level 5 of Thumper becomes unfair, and stupid, and not-fun.

So I beat the Level 4 boss (super-hard!), and move on to Level 5, my hackles raised, my defenses up, as the game introduces a new mechanic.  And I keep on truckin' and havin' a fine time.

I beat the mid-boss, kept on thumping my way through, and after beating Level 5, Stage 19, Stage 20 began and this happened.

I had never seen this track before, never taken these precise turns before, and I ran it perfectly on my first try.  Those are twenty very, very sweet seconds of gameplay.


  1. You didn't find the game punishing you for missing things that, up to the previous level, were just for points, even a little perturbing?

    1. I found it odd, earlier in the game, that missing holds, turns and flights could damage me but missing the core beats did not. Level 5's mechanic was overdue!