Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm just gonna' jam everything in to one post.  It's been a long week.

Yes!  This is a good thing, and I endorse it.  Elsewhere,

Kayla does not approve.  I approve, though.  I think it's mostly the colossal water buffalo that sold me.  I don't much care for those big skull-head things, but a gigantic magical water buffalo is weirdly appealing.

Overwatch is down to like $35 on BestBuy.comAmazon (PS4, One, PC, digital or physical), XBL, PSN and - just in time for the free weekend!

The Last Guardian got a CG trailer today.  Kinda... weird that they would make a full CG trailer, but maybe kinda' not...

Let's find some recent gameplay somewhere... bing:

Yeah okay, that's why.

Elsewhere, Persona 5 has been delayed from its planned (delicious!) Valentine's day release date to April 5th.  It is to cry - but we got a new trailer!  A bunch, actually, but I'm just gonna' post this one:

So it has been a long, long time since we've seen or heard anything from the Final Fantasy VII remake - but yesterday, finally, they revealed what fan favorite Tifa looks like in the new engine!

Just kidding. But isn't it awful that you believed it?  That could totally be a real thing.  That's the world we live in, where this seems possible - even likely!  I'm sorry, I'm feelin' cranky and contrary.  Let's move on.

Microsoft has started putting Xbox One and "plays on Xbox One" branding on Xbox 360 titles.  Very wise!  That'd be a huge selling point for me, if Sony could pull that off.

Annnd that's it.  G'night.  Here, have some Overwatch art.


  1. Man, I'm still a bit salty about PlayStation Now. MS's backwards compatibility program just makes so much more sense from a consumer perspective.

    1. Agreed. And to think that it was like three years ago we were all praising Sony for what amounted to magically pro-consumer policies compared to MS.

  2. dammit I looked at that symetra billboard, laughed, and now there's coffee all over my carpet!

    1. When my team won't even roll a tank but I'm feelin' support-y, yeah, I'm bringin' out Symmetra. I'll lower the impact of team wipes, help you get picks, make you a teensy bit tougher, but you can heal yourself, you injured piece of shit.