Thursday, November 10, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 25 : You're Dead.

Today's clip show is, again, predominantly Tracer action.  Apologies!  She is way too fun - but we have a little bit of hot Rein action and, I promise, the next clip show will feature some awesome Rein action on Gibraltar and an amazing Reaper match.

I also want to note... I think this might be the best one I've ever done.  I peaked early, with Zenyatta's Puttin' In Work, and while I got close to it with Magic In My Dancin' Shoes (which I intend to revisit), I don't think I'd really replicated its awesomeness until this video begins in earnest, about one minute and fifty seconds in.

0:00 - 0:27 : I was just terribly pleased with the first half of this Rein attack on Route 66.  The enemy team swapped in a Junkrat to take my shield down, and the remainder of the match was much harder - you can see the Junk just shredding my shield as we push into the choke.  It looks like this is a triple-kill for me, but...

  1. our Hanzo kills their Junkrat before my Earthshatter even hits him. 
  2. I land a swing on Mei, but it's our Reaper who kills her. 
  3. why our Zen popped Transcendence at that moment, I'll never know, but it gave me the safety I needed to start that charge.  
And we're rollin'!

The McCree throwing his flashbang right into my shield is indulging in a noob move.  I got owned by a McCree on Rein yesterday - he walked right up to me with my shield up, aimed up over the edge of the shield, threw his flashbang, and fanned the hammer on me.  He did it so smooth and easy, as casually as pulling off your tie.  

This guy was not that guy, and as my shield turns in to protect Zenyatta, our Hanzo picks him.  Very nice. 

0:27 - 1:00 : Tracer shenanigans!  We begin with just foolin' around with a Rein on Nepal.  He wan't a piece of Tracer, but he can't... quite... seem... to hit her.  Hello!

Epilogue: as soon as he turned his back, I sprayed him and stuck a pulse bomb to him.  He went down to like 5HP.  I blinked in to melee him to finish him off, and his Ana healed him to full and he charged me into a wall.  

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. 

1:00 - 1:29 : Tracer creates a very low profile when she uses her sitting emote, and unlike most characters, she can use one of her skills when she's in the middle of the animation - specifically, blink.  I can't shoot, can't rewind, can't use my ult, but the time it takes to blink around counts as the time it takes the animation to finish - so I can chill out until someone notices me and zip away to safety at the last minute. 

This serves me very well, here, as I zip onto point A of Hollywood and chill out behind the car.  It's kind of hilarious, watching them try to figure out who's on the point - and I'm able to stay in my hidey-hole until my team shows up to push them back, only zipping off the point at the last possible moment.  Handy!

1:29 : 1:50 : There are... well, three ways to play Tracer on Anubis attack.  One (a good one) is to stick with your team and add your damage to your tanks, supports and defense - help them move as one lethal unit - but that's predicated on the assumption that the rest of your team will play that (very powerful) way.  

Second, you can flank the red team and try to go after their supports, so the rest of their team will crumble.  Just get a couple picks - take out their Mercy, Lucio, Ana or (crucial, on Anubis) Symmetra. 

Third, you can get on the point.  Getting on the point, for me, is a hugely successful maneuver.  The main choke of Anubis is very well-defined, and a few seconds' travel away from the point.  Most defenses will be entirely set up at the choke, and it's very rare to have actual defenders on the point

So you jam past the enemy team, wait for them to stop chasing you (if they ever start), and hop onto the point.  Begin taking it.  One, two, even half of the enemy team will come for you.  When they do, that means the rest of their team is now engaged in a three-on-five with your team.  Best-case scenario, you might be able to duel and win against one or even two defenders who come back to get you. 

So that's what I'm doing, here.  I'm dicking around on the first point on Anubis to break up the attention of the defenders (which was a waste, 'cause their Reaper had just wiped my team), but I gotta' say, this one felt pretty slick.  "Tracer's running back to the choke - get 'er!"  "Where the fuck is she?"  "I don't know, but someone's on our point!"

And now, let's get to some killin'. 

Most of our show revolves around my affection for Roadhog and Reinhardt, when I'm playing Tracer.  They are big, beautiful targets for Pulse Bombs and for building ult charge to throw more Pulse Bombs, so most of this actually requires no explanation, but I will note...

2:21 - 2:37 : Remember the Reinhardt I was messing with at the beginning of the Muppets sequence?  This is how he died.  Also, how the hell did I take out Ana with a single clip through the obfuscation of our Hanzo's dragons?  Awesomeness (luck), that's how!  

God I love chasing down a wraithing Reaper. 

2:37 - 2:44 : Little else in this clip show felt as cool as running up a car, leaping off its trunk, flinging a Pulse Bomb at Roadhog in mid-air and getting the stick.  Nailed it!

2:59 - 3:07 : I had just blinked straight past the entire enemy line on Numbani attack, in the hopes that one or two of them would follow me, and break up the defense for the rest of my team.  Their D.Va decided to hunt me down and... let's just say I felt she didn't need that mech so much.  She can run around in her Zero suit, instead. 

3:07 - 3:24 : Oh my goodness!  A McCree and two Roadhogs are defending this point on Hanamura!  Those are all Tracer counters.  Whatever will we do?  (We kill 'em.)  Well here we kill Roadhog and the other Roadhog, but I had to cut out the McCree's death to make it fit with how I'm editing for the song.  

3:24 - 3:27 : Land the bomb, Dodge the hook.  Gorgeous. 

3:27 - 3:33 : Miss the bomb, dodge the hook, still get the kill.  Gorgeous.  

3:36 - 3:41 : See?  That's how the McCree died.  Thanks for the assist, Mei!

3:52 - 4:05 : Duelling a Zarya and Hanzo, at once, is a very dicey proposition. 

Duelling a Hanzo is a very dicey proposition for a squishy little Tracer, but this went very well.  Extra points for blinking around the wall, coming up behind them, finishing them both off and making to the health pack after!  

4:05 - 4:17 : I can't believe I got a PotG that included Pulse Bombing a Mei out of her Cryo Freeze.  (The timing is really hard to nail - if the bomb goes off while she's still in the Freeze, it does nothing, and blocks the rest of her team from being hurt by it - the ice works like a line-of-sight shield.)  It's a shame I didn't, then, turn around and execute someone with a bunch of health shots, but two solo kills and two assists are nothin' to feel ashamed of. 

And that's our show!

Tune in later this week, when our special guests will be Reaper and Reinhardt.  Reinhardt will teach us how to hit charges, and Reaper will let us know what it's like to not be able to feel the sweet embrace of death!

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