Monday, November 28, 2016

Overwatch Long Cut 3 - Apache.

This one is much better than the last one, I promise.

Okay, so.  Numbani.  I'm on attack with my beloved Tracer, and my team is getting like nothing done, mostly because the reds' defense is... textbook, and on point.

Two tanks - D.Va and Rein.  Two healers - Mercy and Zen.  Two DPS - Reaper and Bastion.

Mercy is the keystone.  They won't have the healing to stop us, if we take her (and hopefully, the Bastion) out.  The Mercy, though, is well-guarded by the Bastion.

To kill Mercy, I need to kill Bastion.

Our show begins looking out over the enemy formation.

0:09 - 0:11 : That's Bastion in the back-right.  I could take the walkway above and drop down right on him, but that puts me in clear view of his team, and he could hear my footsteps.  I go the long way 'round.

0:21 - 0:24 : I don't know how the hell he saw me.  Maybe he heard my footsteps?  Maybe he was just looking around and saw me in his peripheral vision - either way, my sneak attack is fucked.

I give him a few seconds to think I've moved on...

0:29 - 0:35 : ...but Reinhardt shows up.

He's here to keep Bastion safe.

To break their defense, I need to kill Mercy.  To kill Mercy, I need to kill Bastion.  To kill Bastion, I need to kill Reinhardt.

Okay.  Step one.  Break the shield.

I zip in to scratch him up a bit, and confirm that Bastion's attention is still on me (it is).

0:35 - 0:40 : I bounce back and forth, laying damage onto his shield from behind the cover of the building.

I want him to swing, which forces him to drop the shield and will allow me to lay some bullets into him.  In the absence of his swings, though - to kill the Reinhardt to kill the Bastion to kill the Mercy - I need to bring his shield down.  Not shooting a Rein's shield is one of the biggest mistakes a DPS can make.

But he doesn't.  Hit me, I mean.  He keeps his shield up and... maybe thinking I'd learned my lesson, he turns away.

0:40 - 0:43 : He's wrong.  I know I won't kill the Bastion by zipping in and scratching him up (I would have to land all my shots, point blank, on his glowing weak spot - so it's theoretically possible but whatever), but I get Rein's attention back.

0:43 - 0:49 : C'mon, I want you to do it.  Hit me.

Bastion's popped his ult and moves onto the point - hopefully ignoring me for now.  He kills our Zenyatta, and his Zenyatta kills our Zarya.  It's time to accelerate things.

0:49 - 0:55 : Zipping behind a Reinhardt's shield to scratch him up is a classic Tracer move.  But this - blinking in from so far away, putting 100% of the rounds into his back point blank as I turn before blinking out of melee range - was the most-perfect Rein-shield-blink I have ever done.

He takes one swing and I fill him up with lead again while his shield's down - I'm already out of range - and he throws that shield up.  But it's cracked.  I know it'll fall soon.  I put one more clip into it.

It shatters.  He's defenseless.

And here



0:55 - 0:57 : One clip is all it takes to finish off Rein.

0:57 - 1:00 : One pulse bomb is all it takes to remove the Bastion.

1:00 - 1:07 : Our Soldier is just off the point, and he takes advantage of the broken defenses to lay into Mercy from afar.  I scratch her a bit, but only get 21% of the kill.  More than enough.

The red D.Va is running up to the point, and I rush forward to challenge her, but she ain't backin' off and my health is low.   Our Soldier kills their Reaper.
I rewind back to the point.  Zenyatta is the priority now.

1:07 - 1:13 : Their Zen kills our Soldier, and drops a Discord on me - but then he ignores me in favor of going after our Hanzo.  A little scratchy from range.  One good (eh... decent) clip up-close and a whack with the butt of my pulse pistol finishes him off - but in that time, he's killed our Hanzo.

D.Va is now on the point, and her attention is on me.

1:13 - 1:22 : I strafe around her, emptying my pistols, and she takes most of my meager health bar with her.  I'm down to 25 HP.  That's how much shields Symmetra currently gives you.  I'm basically dead.

But D.Va turns her attention to our Zarya, and together we melt her out of that mech, and off the map.
And that's our show.  I can't believe how well Apache worked for this.  Been wantin' to use that song for a while.

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