Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Overwatch Long Cut - Diamond.

First off, it's important to post that super-cute video of Lucio's voice actor hangin' out with other Overwatch voice actors.  It is powerfully adorable.

Second, I was cutting together a new clip show last night.  It is a laborious process.

  1. First you gotta' play the game, and then make sure you're hitting the share button after every decent round to maintain a relatively high-quality archive of footage.  
  2. Then you gotta' watch all that footage and cut it down into... usually about twenty minutes of decent action.  Takes a long time. 
  3. Then that all gets cut down to the very best bits, and hopefully you end up with four or five minutes of good stuff.  
  4. Then you fine-tune and sort everything, hopefully cutting it together so it really bounces with the music (good examples: Clip Show 23, Clip Show 20, bad example: Clip Show 24). 

Usually, When I'm working on step 2, I'll watch a clip until I die, decide if there was anything decent in it, and snip out the good parts.  In this three minutes of gameplay, there's nothing really spectacular.  There's no multi-kills, but there's also a Tracer who seems goddamned unkillable, able to face off against any hero on the enemy team and take them down.

Good times.  Good times.

The song is Diamond by Klint - you might remember it from the Snatch soundtrack.

I like playing Tracer on attack (or defense, or KotH), but this Tracer selection was kind of a protest vote.  I was prepared to go support or tank if we had a single support or a single tank to back it up - but no one went healer, no one went tank, so fuck it, we're goin' all DPS.  I'm not playing Lucio without a tank to hop around behind.

0:31 - 0:50 : I really need this health pack, so I blow my rewind to get into the room, grab it and get out before Bastion can kill me.  And Bastion can kill me with literally half a second of sustained fire.
Once I'm out, though... Bastion would never expect me to come back in there.  So I do.  Cheers to our Pharah for getting the killing blow! And what a perfect escape, afterwards.

0:58 - 1:05 : Reinhardt charges after me after I sneak across their point, quite consciously not calling that Genji's attention to myself, and now it's Rein and I in a small space...  I am very confident against a Reinhardt in pretty much any arena.

1:05 - 1:14 : Bastion's back!  And he's got help from the red Tracer - but she can't stop me from taking him down again, and can't find me once I retreat.  Nice.

1:14 - 1:35 : I start this engagement way too close to the Mei, and I don't like duelling her on such a small platform, so I felt pretty relieved when I got outta' there - and thrilled when she dropped down in front of me at the perfect range.  Perfect timing on your Cryo Freeze, Mei!  (Perfect timing on your Pulse Bomb, Tracer!)

2:08 - 2:30 : Our Pharah and I are pressuring their Genji, and their Rein and Mercy show up to back him up - but between my fancy footwork on the ground and our Pharah and Junkrat's DPS from afar, we take out the healer and tank.  The Genji flees into the night.

2:42 - 2:44 : Did you know that you can blink, mid-emote, with Tracer?  With almost any hero, you have to wait until the emote has finished before using any abilities - but Tracer can blink in any direction.  It's super-handy for giving yourself a small profile while taking an objective, for example, while still being able to get out of Dodge when the trouble comes.  So yeah, that's what happens when I'm sitting on the payload, and that rocket comes my way.

2:48 - 2:58 : It's Roadhog, one of my favorite targets for a sticky bomb!  He goes down, but a horrible malady has infected our Tracer hero - overconfidence.  With not-enough blinks to get her out of trouble and no rewind at her disposal, she tries to go for a health pack behind enemy lines... and pays the ultimate price.

Rest well, you excruciatingly chipper glass cannon.  Rest well.

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