Friday, November 4, 2016

Sombra is real and announced and here's all the info.

It was exactly what everyone predicted - they're on stage at Blizzcon and oh my lawdie someone's hacking out presentation noooo oh it's Sombra.  She was first revealed via this animated short.

Then Blizzard opened up her character page over at  Turns out Sombra is an offense hero, and she's... pretty damned dangerous.  Imagine firing Tracer's pistols for like three seconds, with range closer to Soldier 76's rifle, but with more ammo.  That's what her submachinegun does.  It's a little ridiculous.

She can hack enemies (and health packs), and once hacked you can't activate anything but your primary fire, it seems.  Can't use your ult, Tracer can't blink, Zarya can't shield, Lucio can't change his song buff or amp it up.  It's like a... channeled ability that takes about a second to cast, and the casting can be broken by losing line of sight with the target, or taking damage.  When health packs are hacked, they cannot be picked up by the enemy team - and they regenerate three times as fast for your time to pick them up.  12 second cooldown.  Nasty!

Her thermoptic camo renders her completely invisible (unless super-close to an enemy).  It lasts six seconds, and she moves at double her normal speed for its duration.  Once it wears off, a six second cooldown begins - and it's worth noting, dealing damage will break it, using abilities will break it, taking damage will break it, and Hanzo's wallhack arrow and Widow's ult will detect her while cloaked.

Her translocate ability is based on a little beacon that she can throw a very long distance, essentially allowing her to almost-instantly flank an entire enemy line, or get onto an otherwise impossibly tall rooftop.  She appears instantly at the beacon's location (even if the beacon is mid-flight at the time), and a quick indicator will show enemies which way she shot away towards. Six-second cooldown.

Sombra is, essentially, the ultimate flanker.  Nothing can get behind the enemy team as quickly and easily as she can.

Finally, there's her ultimate - which will change the game.  "EMP.  Sombra discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast."  Rein's shield does down, and he can't bring it back up.  Zenyatta's 50HP+150 shields is suddenly reduced to 50HP.  No one can use their defensive abilities, no one can use their escapes.  All you can do is sit back or, basically, sit there and die.

It's pretty overpowered, as far as I'm concerned.  Gameplay trailer!

Streamer gameplay!

Sombra should hit the PTR next week, and live/consoles mid-month.  Here's hoping she gets quite a nerf before that happens, 'cause this kit is ridiculous.

Some other stuff was announced today too -

- quick play is (finally) getting Comp mode's one-hero limit, and a bunch of new modes are coming in the form of Arcade mode... (stolen from Kotaku):

  • Mystery Duel: A 1v1 best-of-five duel where a hero is randomly selected for you and your opponent—the same hero for both. Overwatch’s new “Eco-Point Antarctica” map, which is smaller than other maps (and Mei’s home base), will make it easier for heroes to face off one-on-one.
  • Elimination: A 3v3 best-of-five brawl where, when your hero dies, they are dead—with a single-hero limit. Make sure you have a Mercy!
  • Mystery Heroes: A 6v6 brawl that takes place on normal Quick Play maps, with regular rules, but you’re not allowed to pick which hero you have.
  • No Limits: Here, you can have the six-Genji battle you always wanted. And I won’t have to deal with it. It’s basically Quick Play, as it is now. And I will avoid it.
  • All Brawls: “Super Shimada Bros.,” “We’re All Soldiers Now,” and other old and new Brawls will be available here as a “playlist.” My favorite is the one that only takes place on Ilios’ Well point with Roadhogs and Lucios.

So... I think this is actually going a bit too far with additional modes.  I don't want to have to wait twenty minutes to start up a QP or a 3-on-3 because the player base is spread out across so many modes.

Annnd that's all of today's Overwatch news!  Oh - wait, no -

- after November 15, if you play fifteen rounds with a friend in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm, you'll unlock Genji's sick as fuck Oni skin for use in Overwatch.  I don't play Genji hardly ever, but of course I want that dope-ass skin.  Won't get it.  Just want it.

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