Friday, November 25, 2016

The art, at my desk, at work.

I've had art up at my desk ever since I started my current position - about three years ago, I think?  As soon as I had a desk of my own - it's a cubicle, really, but it's my cubicle, and that's a luxury I'd never known before - I got permission from my supervisor to (1) have a stereo system at my desk that I can jack an iPod in to and (2) put up art.

I didn't ask to put up the art.  I just put them up and waited for him to come by... and not complain.

A few of the original pieces I'd put up on the first day remain - A Fine Lunch Sketch, Ah - A Snake! and that lovely piece of Dark Souls fan art.

A few weeks ago, one of my peers came over and - just because he understands on a deep and spiritual level how, precisely, to irritate me - he rearranged a few things on my desk.  Put a stapler out of reach, put these papers over here, just to be a dick.

So I went to his desk and moved a bunch of his things - eye for an eye.  He escalated.

When I came back to my desk after a smoke break, I discovered all of my art had been rearranged, and left hanging all weird and akimbo.  There they remained, weird and askew, for half a month because I just couldn't be bothered.  This week, I brought in Justin Currie's Zenyatta, and re-did all the hooks and set everything up all purdy.  Then I took some pictures to show you.

This piece is called Inside the Doorway, and it's always sat in a really hidden corner - which I like, because the firelink shrine at the beginning of Dark Souls, too, always felt like such a secret and hidden thing.  You almost have to wedge yourself behind a big cabinet at my desk, then lean down and look under an overhanging roll-top cupboard, hanging off a wall, to see it.

Not many people know it's there, but I love it.

The main event...

It's a lot of Justin Currie stuff.  Ah - A Snake! hangs above two screenshots of Vanillaware games (Dragon's Crown and Muramasa Rebirth).  I've always meant to get a PS4 screen of Odin Sphere up there, but again - can't be bothered.

To its right is another one of Currie's - Fear My Song - which was cover art for a for-charity album a bunch of local bands released.

Then there's Currie's Zenyatta (commissioned by Blizzard for a fan art thing they did around Overwatch's launch) and one of Currie's originals - and my favorite of his work - A Fine Lunch Sketch.  I have no idea why that dapper deer-man appeals to me so much, but I absolutely love it.

Zenyatta's over there, behind my computer monitor, because so much of the image is in the top half of the frame, and nothing really important is cut off when I look up at it.  Likewise, A Fine Lunch Sketch is in prime real estate, but the actual headliner spot belongs to T. Racer. 

JN3's T.Racer is easily the most... risque thing I've got up at the office.  There's something vaguely erotic about it - the curve of her hip, bum and thigh, the lateral muscles clearly defined under the racing suit.  I don't have it up as like... a girly poster, or something, but I have had a woman in the office tell me she likes it, and that it's "sexy."

I agree.  Working in an office (a government office, no less), I note its suggestions with trepidation.  It's nice to have a lady walk up, tell me she likes it and thinks it's sexy, but the moment someone comes up to me and tells me they find it offensive, I'll pull it and apologize.

I hope I never need to, though.

I love a lot about it - the exceeding coolness of my favorite Overwatch hero notwithstanding.  I love the kerchief streaming off her throat into billowing pinstripes, the serious aggression of the racing helmet, sponsor patches and pulse pistols - all of which you have to get past before you arrive at the curves - but I also love the way it lets flat colors kind of leap forward and completely dominate all those sharp details at the top, while a few well-chosen blends and gradients gives her lower half real three-dimensional definition, and depth, before it descends into psychedelic speeding pinstripe piping at the bottom.

JN3 actually has a lot of Overwatch stuff available for purchase, but I don't think any of it even begins to approach T.Racer.

Then there's Gillian Newland's Dino and Little Girl, which everyone loves, and - cut off in the above picture, on the far right, is Justin Currie's Plunge.

Which is what a long day at the office often feels like.

So... g'night.


  1. Justin Currie for the Hannibal animated series!

    1. He said everyone was asking him if it was Hannibal fan art the year after season 1 lol