Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Well, crap.

I was thinking, just yesterday or the day before, that I'm really done collecting figures.  I still love Momohime and all of them, of course, but... anyway.

So, months ago, I pretty much stopped paying attention to the old NeoGAF figures crew that moved over to MyFigureCollection.  Time was there were weekly posts by a very generous forumer who who find all the news from the western and Japanese news sources on figs, and once a week I could hit the thread to discover everything that was coming down the pike.  This was important, because the high-end figs are usually only available for preorder for a limited time, many months prior to release.
But, again, I stopped looking a long time ago.

Today, on my lunch break, I had exhausted my normal internet reading material.  My post of yesterday's Apache Overwatch clip had earned ten hearts on the Penny Arcade forums.  That's pretty cool ^.^

Means a lot, actually.

Anyway, on lunch, I was out of things to read.  So I opened the myfigurecollection forums to see whassup annnd...


...remember the Muramasa DLC that released in the west last year?  There was the one with the demon princess (awesome gameplay, very funny), the one with the farmer (meh gameplay, very funny), the one with the awesome ninja (awesome gameplay, solid story) and the one with the Okoi.

Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, the first and (in my opinion) best of the DLC series, was absolutely frickin' fantastic.  I loved the tragic story of the housecat who gave her soul to avenge her human mistress, annnd...

Well, shit.  I'll have to see the sculpt, obviously, but it's from Alter - they're very good.  As long as it's not an onsen version, chances are pretty good.

Weird how things work out.

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