Friday, December 9, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 27.8 - One Man's Shame.

This is just some pretty-meh Rein work in a pretty-meh clip show, not a ton of awesome moves cut up all nice (see: the decent Tracer clip shows).  But good Rein work is a good feelin', and there's too little of that goin' around.  I'll take it.

Once again, I'm sitting on so much Tracer footage it's causing my record function to start screwing up, so I'll try to deal with that this weekend.

Worthy of comment...

0:36 : Heheh.

2:08 : Heheheheh.

2:34 : This felt awesome.  Y'know that part in 300 where Fassbender like jumps over the Persian ladies who are throwing firebombs and sets off a bunch of firebombs and then spins around to hold up his shield as the wave of fire hits?

That's what this felt like.

'Course at that point my shield is gone and their D.Va ults and bye bye Rein, but hey, Victory!  I'll take it.

4:01 : I feel like getting the wave in after the pin but before the hammer strike is important.

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