Monday, December 12, 2016

Overwatch Clip Show 28 - Young Love.

The footage is pretty okay!  The editing of the video (and, indeed, the writing of this post) was done while in the grips of a particularly cruel fever.  Everything annoys me and makes the headache worse and I can't say I'm thinking particularly clearly, but this might be awesome.  I cannot make assurances of that, though.  My perspective is unreliable.

There are like a dozen solo duels I really wished I could've included, here - some long-ass Roadhog fights, a rockin' close-range Hanzo takedown, and several Widow duels - but those can be found in the Cutting Room Floor footage, if you're of a mind.  So what we've actually got, here, is a tight three-point-zero minutes of action and ass kickin', and twenty five seconds of comedy, Overwatch style.

This week's song is Young Love by Rival Sons.  I went through literally a dozen tracks before I landed on it - I don't know why but it just works really well with the wombo combo opening.

0:00 - 0:17 : I was actually up on that walkway for like thirty seconds, waiting for our Zarya to pop her ult, but I'm glad I was.  One day I'll get a quad-kill or (dream of dreams!) a team kill off a pulse bomb in a Zarya ult, but 'till then, this is the best wombo combo I've ever had on Tracer.

Kinda' pathetic.  I mean a triple ain't bad and it cinched the win, but yeah.  One day.  One day.

0:18 - 0:23 : Another triple, and this one earned PotG on Hollywood defense - but it didn't really do shit for us.  The attackers still took the point - but blizting in there with no blinks at my disposal was kinda' ballsy, right?

0:23 - 0:32 : Heheheh eat it Hanzo.  Shooting guys while you (or they) are flying through the air is always a thrill.

0:32 - 0:42 : The Widow I finish off here had been a pretty big problem for us, which is why we find my Tracer running across rooftops instead of down on the nice comfy ground.  Meanwhile, below, the enemy Rein has chased our D.Va into the jail and is beatin' on her.  The red Pharah dives in to help, and I dive in to fill up the Rein.

Our D.Va pops out of her mech and, with the damage I've put into the Rein, she finishes him of.  The Pharah doesn't know I'm in the room with them, and she puts a rocket through the door to finish off poor D.Va - and she still doesn't seem to know I'm beneath her as she floats along above me until I punch her in the foot, and kill her.


0:42 - 0:49 : Y'ever kill literally half of the enemy team, creating a huge opening for your crew to punch through and take the point, and then have them do literally nothing with the opportunity?  That's what happened here.

0:49 - 0:55 : I know Genji is the premier select-a-high-priority-target-and-kill-'em hero, but I just die way too quick on him.  If you need a Rein, a Bastion, a Winston, an Ana or a Mercy taken out, I'll need Tracer to get it done - and what you see, here, is actually the culmination of me zipping around the point for the previous ten seconds, trying to corner and take out their Mercy.  She's the only one who seems to understand that I'm gunning for her, specifically - which is why she's the only one shooting at me.

Sticking such a small target is always a pleasure.  My sticky game was super off, this week.

0:55 - 1:01 : Speaking of assassinating targets, Rein remains my personal favorite.  This was the end of a long, hard push from point B of Volskaya.  We wrecked them off the point and just kept on cutting through them and pushing them all the way back to their spawn.  Then, I was in the little room off point A and I swept around behind them to go after their healer - but the attempt was screwed up, when their Soldier noticed me blinking into their ranks, and I rewound back to the room.  My team has almost-completely withdrawn to point B, and I am alone.  After the rewind, there was a tiny little opportunity to lay some damage into their Rein... just enough to pick him off before they begin their next push, and I make it back to our line unmolested.


1:01 - 1:14 : Beeeyootiful.  Two reverse-blinks see me behind the enemy line on Hanamura, and I immediately land on their Zenyatta as the target of choice.  It's a dangerous move, as it announces my assault to the enemy team, and gives them the option to turn around and deal with me (hopefully providing opportunities for my team).  It went perfect - got the Zenyatta pick and was able to zip back to our line, none the worse for wear.

This is seriously one of my favorites.

1:16 - 1:30 : On the podcast last week... I think it was episode 49, I chuckled about how it kinda' blows my mind, now, when a Rein tries to pick a fight with me.

This is the Rein I was talking about.  "You wanna' do this? Okay!"

Finishing him with the melee is really the icing on the cake.

1:30 - 1:36 : I'm pleased to say I shut down this Widow on Lijiang a lot - most of them being straight-up duels.  In hindsight, I really shoulda' done a 180 after the Pulse Bomb - then I woulda' noticed Rein surviving, and killed him.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

Still, one-shotting a Widow and a McCree?  That is a sweet plum.

1:43 - 1:50 : This was the end of a dive where I blitzed through the choke on King's Row, and while the reds turned, none of them actually took shots at me - except the McCree, who landed a body shot before I could get into the rooms behind the point.  He knew he had hit me, he knew I would be going for the health pack, and he figured I was easy pickings.

He missed his flashbang, though.  And I really feel, deeply, that the "oh baby" in the song lines up perfectly, here.

1:50 - 2:00 : A decent quad PotG - very respectable!  ...really wish I'd got the killing blow on the Rein, though.

2:00 - 2:14 : Usually, once a McCree lands his flashbang on me, I'm dead.  They have to miss like four out of the six fan-the-hammer shots to not kill me, but in this case, he doesn't even try - because I'm workin' with Winston.  I love working with Winston, as Tracer - we tend to do a great job, together - he gets the little tickles in the soften them up for my killing blows, and/or his huge cone of tesla death will finish off what I've softened up.  A winning combination!  And McCree flees while I rewind back to safety, unscathed.

But I just can't let him go, so I chase him down.  Feelsgoodman.jpg. That little hop over the thing at the end before the killing blow is priceless.

2:14 - 2:18 : The end of a long, drawn-out Sombra duel on Numbani.  It began with a stupid, stupid mistake where I let her get to her hacked health pack when I could've just finished her off with a melee - and thus began like a thirty-second fight in which the two of us desperately hop around this little room, trying to shoot each other to no avail.  Then the red Genji shows up, I figure "fuck this" and toss the pulse bomb.

Can't heal that shit.

2:18 - 2:21 : This is one of my favorite Rein takedowns ever.  After I dropped him, my team poured onto the point, our Lucio broke it down, we cleaned up and because the enemy spawn is so close to the point we kept on fighting for another three minutes.

2:23 - 2:41 : Snagged this sweet Play of the Game playin' with my brother over the weekend, the night before a discussion popped up on the Penny Arcade forums.  This guy was complaining that he was fighting a team with a D.Va, a Rein and a Roadhog and the DPS on his team wouldn't switch off Tracer, to which I could only reply "I would have no idea how to take down Rein, Roadhog and D.Va without Tracer."

It's a cryin' shame that shutting down the Soldier ult at the end didn't make it into the actual PotG, but mad props to the Rein for getting down there with his shield.  I wouldn't'a made it without him!

But yeah - Rein, Mercy, Roadhog and Soldier all in the course of seventeen seconds.  Solid work!

2:41 - 2:57 : Finally, taking down a Roadhog who's supported by an Ana is essentially impossible for anyone but Bastion - you have to take down the Ana first, but you'll notice I don't even try that.  I have to keep my eye on the Hog, because he's what may kill me, here.  I'm dekin' around, blitzin' back and forth between them, laying damage on the Hog and the red Genji jumps in front of my pistols for just long enough to get picked.

As a last gasp I throw the pulse bomb at the Hog, but I miss the stick.  Before it blows, our Genji picks the Ana, the bomb takes the Hog, and I move on... right into Hanzo's flank.  Delicious.

3:00 - 3:25 : Hey, she waved at me first.

We came to an understanding.  I'm not going to hurt you, Mercy.  You won't shoot at me, right?

Good.  Now, I just have to say hi to Hanzo over there...

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