Monday, December 19, 2016

Yeah, pretty much.

For the sake of clarity, this is about Symmetra before and after the recent patch.

Her projected barrier is handy - there's no denying that.  I've bought enough time to put down Bastions, I've blocked Soldier ults with it - it's cool!  But really, the buff - and the new strategies emerging around Symmetra - are all about her badass new ult, the shield generator.  The shield generator places a +75HP shield on any allies within fifty meters - which is a huge amount of health and a huge radius.  Unlike her teleporter, the shield generator doesn't have charges - it works and lasts until you lose the point or the enemy destroys it.

Having 225 health on Tracer (who's usually the squishiest thing in the world at 150) is huge.  Throwing a Torbjorn in there whose armor packs can raise that to 300?  Oh my fucking God.

It's hugely beneficial to your team and absolutely brutal when the other team's squishies are suddenly mini-tanks.  I've gotten so good at killing shield generators on Tracer that I've made enemy Syms ragequit ^.^  feelsgoodman.jpg.

Annnd let's post some fan art.

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