Saturday, April 22, 2017

Clip Show 36 - Where's My Money?

My win rate has been pretty close to 50/50, but my Play of the Game rate has been through the roof lately, on all characters.  S'too bad Mercy PotGs are so meh, as a rule.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 68 : The Sexiest Episode.

I honestly hope this podcast becomes no sexier.

Wiiith Alex!  Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - The Sexiest Episode 

  • The thrilling and sacrelicious conclusion of Tales of Berseria!
  • Alex enthuses about and generously denies himself the pleasures of spoiling Persona 5!
  • Chance has played Flinthook and has an opinion on it!
  • And how does one best describe a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich?
You'll have to tune in to find out!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Clip Show 35 - 7th Born Son

Clip Show 35 - 7th Born Son from David Ferber on Vimeo.

My return to Overwatch after the extended break following the Believer clip show is slow going.  I'm still not where I was, but I'm gettin' there.  I'm gettin' to the point where I can one-v-one almost anyone I come across, and roll this into the PotGs and highlights you see here.  The run after the opening clip, when we're on Gibraltar, was an amazing series of takedowns.  We took the point and the match - and I didn't die to that Reaper ult, for the record!

The opening is seriously one of the weakest PotGs I've ever gotten - but how often do you get the PotG on Round One, before the point even unlocks?  Most of the clips in this show are moments where I just felt... un-fucking stoppable.

When I wreck the Hanzo who just used his ult, that was immediately following me tossing my Pulse Bomb into a cluster of three of the reds - at the exact moment his Lucio popped his ult.  It stuck to the Hanzo but he wasn't hurt thanks to Lucio's ult, I swept around behind him as he pops his ult and their Tracer starts spraying me.  And that snap when I blink up behind him on the stairs, finish and blink away towards the point felt so perfect.

The McCree I walk up to at 2:17?  I felt unstoppable.  I had a goddamned Trumpian self-image as I went for him.  Ain't nothin' stoppin' me - ain't nothin' can stop me, not even my direct counter.  ...though Widow's wallhack no doubt helped out lol.

I've also been playing a bunch of other characters, lately.  I've got like three Symmetra PotGs, two Soldiers and the other day we're defending on Dorado and it's just not happening, so they get to the last point and I died and just hung out in the spawn room for like thirty seconds, examining their team comp and trying to figure out what character could just wreck it.  And then,

(Sigh.)  PotGs on literally any other DPS character are so much more impressive than (most) Tracer ones.  Hanzo, Soldier, Pharah, Reaper, Mei, Bastion - they're wreckin' whole teams.  Meanwhile Tracer, Sombra and Widow are lucky to get two picks in the same time span.

Oh welly.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Match Highlights 4 - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (The Lijiang Mercy).

I'm plucking away at a new Tracer clip show which, as is tradition, is entirely footage of me kicking ass and taking names.  But one of my funnest games in my recent return to Overwatch was not a success - it was a one-sided stomp on Lijiang in which my team and I could get pretty much nothing done.  The red's DPS was on point (most notably the Soldier) and their tanks were solid - but the keystone was their Mercy.  This incredible Mercy who was always right in the thick of it, and always had an ally to GA to when I got close.

She quickly identified me as the greatest threat to her personal safety - a compliment I'll happily take, though its accuracy doesn't mean I can actually impact the outcome of this match at all, no matter how many times I get the pick on her.

Doesn't matter if I get her once the teamfight's already over, and my team's been wiped.

Match Highlights 4 - Kisses Sweeter than Wine (The Lijiang Mercy) from David Ferber on Vimeo.

Doesn't matter if I pick her first, because by the time my team and I wipe the point, she'll fly in with the rez.  The rez at the end of round 2 was such a perfect faceplant after finally wiping that team I had to do the cheer emote.  It was too perfect.

I sent her a PSN message.
ME: The rez at the end of the 2nd round?  Spectacular.

MERCY: I know right?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Gold - 2256 - not bad!

Finished up my placements last night.  A little Tracer, a little more Mercy and a bit of flexing.  Clearly I should just stick to Tracer and Mercy.

This means, at the end of Season 4, I'll have enough competitive points to finally get myself a gold gun.  Mercy or Tracer?  Tracer or Mercy..?

Tracer.  Obviously.

Damnit. The Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer is super-good.

Curse you for getting my hopes up, EA!  I'll never join youuu..!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Game Diary.

I don't play Overwatch during the week.

I should - just to keep myself in the zone. Matches are generally better during the week, and weekends see an influx of more casual players (like me!) who (unlike me!) don't understand the whole get-on-the-payload or group-up thing.   But last night, when I was actually planning on snuggling up into Persona 5, I ended up watching an old Overwatch clip show and was like "goddamn this game is fun" and I couldn't help it.

Ended up rolling quick play for the rest of the night.  I still haven't touched competitive this season, and... let's look at how we did:

Not bad!  Solid Tracer, solid Zarya, solid Soldier (oh my!) and what the heck two wins with Orisa.  The night culminated with two king of the hill matches against a six-stack, whose centerpiece was an unbelievable Hanzo.  Whatever work my team got in to on the point was beautifully, casually torn apart by this guy just plink plink plinking away at us.

After doing well with Tracer on the first round of Oasis, he was shutting me down too hard on round 2.  I switched to Winston, but his D.Va and Zarya tore me apart before I could get close.  I switched to Soldier and we pushed them off the point, but they regrouped and routed us, and took the next round too.  It was a helluva fight, so I didn't feel that bad about the loss - plus, what're you supposed to do against a six-stack?  It's like a single awful organism with six tendrils all trying to kill you at once.

The next match was on Lijiang Tower.  Against the same goddamned six-stack, and their SuperHanzo.

We get a Lucio.  I lock Tracer.  Someone else instalocks Winston, and when we spawn in the room I look him up and down.  He's got a golden gun on that monkey, and I grin.

We're gonna' win.  I stick to that Winston like glue, supplementing his soft general damage with my spiky bursts.  We stick together, and the reds pay me the ultimate compliment.  One of them switches to Junkrat to fuck up my shit while Hanzo cleans house, but I've killed Junkrats before - and Junkrats who aren't Junkrat mains hold no terror for me.

The Hanzo remained incredible, excellent, all the way to the end - but we kept sweeping his team so hard that I repeatedly had the chance to get right in his face, force his attention on me and now, having learned a healthy respect for his capacity to put a broadhead between my eyes, we danced hard.  A squad of randoms kicking the ass of a six-stack - that's not somethin' you see every day.

I send him a PSN message.  Tell him he's an awesome Hanzo, and put in a sticker of Ellie from The Last of Us giving a thumbs up.

I really should send a thumbs up to that Winston.

We're enjoying a long weekend, at the moment - something about a zombie situation back in like the New Testament or somethin' - so I would anticipate a similar influx of "off" players today, but this afternoon I sat down to finally try Competitive Season 4.

The first match was on Lijiang.  I can roll a decent Zarya on Lijiang, but I've rarely had much success with healers on that map.  If I really wanna' bring my A game, I gotta' go Tracer.

Which is always scary, in comp.  If you're not rollin' at your absolute best, it's a wash - and even then, the other team may just be better than you.

There's a lotta' reasons why I haven't played comp so far this season.  The same self-image thing that warned me off Season 3 for over a month is still in play, but when the season began it was the Bastion Ironclad buff that kept me away.  I just seriously didn't want to fuck with a Bastion who was rockin' a 35% damage reduction in competitive mode.  Then the Support SR bug kept me away.  It's still a problem and I'm still terrified of the impact it may have on my game.  Then, the influx of players from the Uprising event worried me... but goddamnit it, it's time to get back on the horse.

I locked Tracer, and we swept that shit.

The second match was Volskaya - I'll only have Tracer success there with a solid team backing me, usually - so I healed on attack and defense, and we swept it.

Match three was my beloved Tracer playground of Hanamura, but three of my team had already instalocked DPS, so I went Zen on attack to supplement our Lucio, and we took both points.  On defense, I instalocked Symmetra, hoping someone else would get the idea that we needed a healer.

Turns out, we didn't need one.  They never got the first point.  I actually solo'd their attack Bastion twice on Symmetra.  Felt awesome.

The next match is Numbani - another favorite Tracer hangout - but we're on defense for the first round and, like Volskaya, I don't like to bet everything on my Tracer game when I don't know what my team's comp will be.  I instalock Sym.

The next instalock is Torb.  I smile.

The next is Mercy.  I grin.

We're gonna' win.

Torb's turret will make the game of any attacking Genji, Pharah, Tracer or otherwise squishy enemy a very hard one.  My turrets will do the same, and my teleporter will take some of our group's sustain off the Mercy, so she can keep her rez for PotG moments.  We had a real good Soldier, but I don't remember what we had tanking 'cause I spent almost all of the match harassing the enemy Tracer and - once my ult was up - maintaining a microwave hallway with a teleporter in the middle.

As a Tracer main, I know how easy or hard a Sym can make it for me to kill that teleporter.  If a Tracer wants to blink in, drop her pulse bomb on it and rewind out, there is literally nothing you can do about it unless you get real lucky and get the drop on her - which you're not gonna' get, given Sym's nonexistent mobility.

But the teleporter placed midway down a long hallway with just the two entrances - dotted up and down in both directions with my little turrets - will ensure that using her ult is literally the only way she can do it.  And she wouldn't use her ult.  Every time she tested my defenses I would sweep around the corner with an orb and an auto-locking beam, either killing her or sending her running for a health pack.

They never took point A, but attack... was a different story.

Between our defense round and attack, one of our team dropped out of the game.  We were going to have to attack 5 vs 6.  A countdown timer begins.  In two minutes, my team will be able to leave the match without incurring a loss to their SR points.

I would've instalocked Tracer, but our very-good Soldier took her first.  I went Mercy.  I should've pocketed her closer, but they took out the Torb turret that wrecked me when I first made it onto the point, and I got back from respawn just in time to help them clean the last of the defenders off the payload.

It was a close one.  But man.  I've gone four and O on comp season 4 so far.

I didn't wanna' push my luck, so I shut 'er down  Watched some movies, ate some lovely food.  And it's Friday.  My brother'll be on tonight.  And when I lose with him on my team, I never feel that bad about it.

...but the fact that three out of four of those wins were on Mercy or at least a support...

Blizzard, fix that fucking bug.

Now, please.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 67 : Where Does The Time Go?

Wiiith Alex!  Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - Where does the time go

  • Chance has played Persona 5 and all the praise you've read about it is correct, and accurate. 
  • Alex has played more Persona 5 than that, and heroically spoils less of it than Chance does.
  • Chamberlain remains enamored with the delicious evil of Tales of Berseria
  • And what do the boys think of the big Scorpio reveal?
You'll have to tune in to find out!

Huh. Kung Fu Panda 3 is worth watching.

Didn't expect that.  I absolutely love the first one.  The first one is an actual classic kung fu movie.  Tai Lung's escape from the prison is an incredible action sequence.  When he faces off against the Furious Five on the mountain bridge, it's an incredible action sequence.  Po's training montage at the paws of Master Shifu is an incredible action sequence, and Po's final battle against Tai Lung is, again, a beautiful action sequence.

Kung Fu Panda 2 wasn't as awesome in the action department but it had some greats, too.  It had that lovely opening battle with the wolves in the mountains while a little bunny plays his guitar, it had that hilarious chase through the city and - what I consider to be the best action sequence in the movie and its centerpiece - the Jackie Chan-esque battle of submission against Masters Croc and Ox, and a steel door.  Seriously the best use of a prop in a martial arts scene since Master Chan picked up a ladder.

What Panda 2 lacked in action it made up in heart, in my humble opinion.  The sequence when Po remembers the trauma of his childhood while learning to catch a raindrop is... beautiful - even if the dialogue at the end is a bit ham-handed.

Panda 3's fight choreography doesn't offer the spectacular, minutes-long sequences of the first or second - there are these lovely, brief and razor-sharp exclamation points of lightning-fast action here and there, but nothing so generous as the original's Five Vs. Lung.  It makes it up, here, in literal God of War-grandeur spectacle.

It begins with a beautiful fight between (dead-since-the-first-movie) Master Oogway and his just-as-ancient foe Kai, in the floating, idyllic realm of the spirit world.  Kai is a bull who is also Kratos from God of War, with literal Blades of Chaos - except his are made of jade.

So imagine a fight sequence against a super-zen tortoise and Kratos, with all the epic grandeur of like the Poseidon fight from God of War 3, but entirely produced in high-end CG.  It's a really good analogy, actually, because instead of the blink-and-you'll-miss-a-move, drawn-out choreography of a classic kung fu flick you've got these gigantic, mountain-shattering moves that read very clearly to the viewer and result in the environment blowing apart in dazzling detail.  It's absolutely beautiful.

It has no equivalent of the Five Vs. Lung or the Ox and Croc sequence, but it's actually funnier than the first two movies - even if some of it feels as a result of Dreamworks' desire to push baby panda plushies or something - and the gorgeous environments remain a highlight.  The movie's climax doubles down on the visual spectacle of its opening, annnd yeah.

I'm lookin' forward to watching it again one day.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Overwatch update day!

Here's the officially-official announcement trailer:

Here's like an animated comic thingie:

Here's all the deets on the Overwatch site.  Here's the patch notes for today's balance update.  Most importantly, the Mercy SR bug is not even addressed and second-most-importantly, the Lucio rework is now live on all platforms.

Finally, here is the coolest thing in the entire update - a new highlight intro for D.Va.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy launches August 22nd, budget price.

First of all, are they ever gonna' show gameplay of this?  I have the impression that Chloe and Nadine just sorta' do nothing but talk.  I hope they also shoot mans.

Second, release date - August 22nd, 2017.  Please don't tell me this is your tentpole autumn release, Sony.

Third, price.  $40 US, $50 Canadian - which suggests like maybe a ten-hour campaign, to me.

...I wanna' see some gameplay.

Oooh a new Cladun: Sengoku trailer.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Blackwatch Genji skin confirmed! UPDATE: NENDO MEI!

Wewt.  As is tradition, the skins for tomorrow's Overwatch event have leaked ahead of (what one imagines was) Blizzard's official announcement (if one's not prepared to take these repeated and reliable leaks as actually part of Blizz's brilliant master hype plan.)  This time, PlayStation France's YouTube channel did the deed and yanked it a little under an hour later - but this is the Internet!

This is how Genji appeared in last week's digital comic - this is the one the community was praying for.   ...kinda' makes me wish I played Genji.  Annnywho... Torb, Tracer, Mercy and Rein all get legendaries that echo their look in the Insurrection story...

Ohmigosh different Mercy hair!

Oh, and the above four will star in a Junkenstein-style PvE thing in King's Row.

And, finally, new actual-reskins for Widowmaker and McCree - each of whom have famously gone like, the game's entire first year without a badass new skin.  Widow's is kinda' meh but it's neat to see her before she got like, blue-skinned through Talon's supersoldier process or whatever.

I feel like McCree's isn't quite different enough from his normal look, but this is still a sweet lineup of new skins.

[update] Oh shiiii

Nendo Mei is available for preorder on the Blizzard store right now.  And yeah, I nabbed one.

Weirdly enough - speaking of figures - the payment request popped up for my Momohime recolor last month.  Let it slide by.  Dunno why - but Overwatch Nendos still gotta' happen.  [/update]

Today's Thor: Ragnarok trailer is sooo worth watching.

Because it eschews the weird seriousness of Age of Ultron and Civil War and feels like it's trying to have some Guardians-style fun.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 34 - Destroyer.

I have been that Tracer or Pharah who drops in on the enemy Mercy only to have her turn, pull her sidearm and blow my face off.  I have also been that Mercy.

Ohmigosh I totally forgot to post the skins leak.  Jaunty blue caps for everyone!

Want 'em, need 'em, will drop $50 on loot boxes to get 'em and then never use them after the event because Rose Tracer, man.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 66 : Oh Japan.

Wiiith Alex! Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - Oh Japan

  • Alex has actually played Persona 5 and it sounds as awesome as we dream. 
  • Tales of Berseria is the same 'ol Tales gameplay with a bizonkers story. 
  • Chance is a creature of habit, and commitment. 
  • And Kickstarter has funded how many games?
You'll have to tune in to find out!

All of Digital Foundry's info on the Scorpio.

The excellent Eurogamer - specifically the site's excellent Digital Foundry - blew the doors open on what Microsoft's Project Scorpio actually consists of and it's... potent.  

In brief, it pushes the 6 teraflops (which Chamberlain can explain) that Xbox promised last E3, it has twelve gigs of GDDR5 RAM (PS4 and Xbox One have 8), which offers a larger bandwidth to fire data through, it allows you to capture gameplay at 4K and 60 frames per second (which I would love), and it has a cooling system that is just totes cray:
"To cut a long story short, Microsoft is using a vapour chamber heat sink. It consists of a copper vessel that forms its basis, inside of which is ionised distilled water under vacuum. Heat is absorbed into the water, where it vapourises. The steam convects away from the hot spots and condenses on the heat sink fins. It's highly efficient - but the heat still needs to be expelled from the system and the standard axial fans used on prior Xbox hardware wouldn't cut the mustard.

"We went to a custom designed adapted centrifugal fan for this design," Del Castillo continues. "It kind of looks like a supercharger on a car, it looks like an intercooler almost. Every part about this is custom designed for the application.""
Oh my.

 The basic idea, here, is that the Scorpio can run very good-looking games in 4K at 60 frames per second no sweat. For example, this is the first 4K screenshot from the thing - Forza:

Breaks down like this: a nutshell.  But there's a ton of stuff to read on the reveal, if you're up for it - all from Eurogamer.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Woohoo a new Overwatch digital comic.

Overwatch: Uprising explores the promise of a young Lena Oxton (Tracer), just coming to terms with her temporal abilities, and an aged Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) in conflict with doing what is right or doing what is legal.

I'd embed it if I could, but you can only read it here (for free!) on Madefire which I have just now heard of.  It's pretty cool!  Young Lena is totes adorbs, young Reyes (Reaper) is sassy and sarcastic, and the whole thing has music and a little bit of animation as you click through it.

Most importantly, though, everyone suspects this is laying the narrative groundwork for the game's next event, which was teased last week and - like the comic - involves the history of the Overwatch organization, and the King's Row locale in London.  Did I ever post that tweet announcing/teasing the event?  If not, here we go.

Tuesday can't come soon enough.  I got a $50 PSN card just rarin' to go!

Oh, and while we're on the Oversubject, team head Jeff Kaplan gave an excellent interview with - of all places - GameSpot yesterday.  Here's the best bits:

Jeff Kaplan: "[Fans of Overwatch] point to the pick percentages in the pro scene, which is a very unrealistic way to look at the entire game because it only represents a very small percentage, and their hero used to be picked 60 percent of the time and now it's down to 40 percent. They were up in arms saying, "Look at that, we're down to 40 percent."

I never said this, but I kind of wanted to hint at, really if everything was equally balanced your hero would be picked less than five percent of the time so, let's not make up these weird rules for ourselves about how balance should work."
Jeff, you nerf Tracer and I am comin' for you.

GameSpot: "Did you hear the story about the girl who called another kid a "Hanzo Main"?"

JK: "I did, yes." 

GS: "Do you endorse calling people a "Hanzo Main" as a way to dunk on them?" 

JK: "Not as a derogatory way. We need to love and respect all mains, including Hanzo mains [Laughs]. It's a funny story, we actually reached out to the girl and her family, we sent them a note. The parents sent back this lovely letter to us and said, "We appreciate it so much that you guys reached out. We've been talking to our daughter about not making fun of somebody for maining a certain hero." I think the whole community learned a little lesson in there. "
Preach, brother.  I met an awesome Hanzo main on Hollywood the other day and I really hope I remember to tell that story on the podcast today.

One thing I absolutely love in this interview is how Jeff responds when (anticipated new hero) Doomfist is brought up:
GS: "The community worked itself up into a bit of a frenzy around Doomfist but we got Orisa. Will Doomfist have his moment to shine in the future?"

JK: "I am actually fascinated by Doomfist in the sense that … We know when we talked about Sombra we did some things incorrectly. We got people excited too early and in the wrong ways, and we've tried to express our sincere apologies to the community on how we handled the Sombra situation. But Doomfist we've literally not hyped at all. The community has just decided to get themselves excited for Doomfist.

Obviously, from the very first announcement cinematic, Doomfist was a character in our world. We've learned more about him now with Orisa. But we'll leave it at that for now. The community will continue to ramp itself up over this character though."
Holy shit my boy is coy as fuck.  And the fact that he really owns up to how much they screwed up the Sombra reveal is very... mollifying.

Finally, once upon a time - back in the concept stage - Overwatch had a hero that was a cat laying on a jetback, just kinda' randomly pawing at the controls like it was playing with a bit of string.
JK: "...there was this one hero that was a huge internal debate on the team because we just loved it so much but it didn't make it. It was this jetpack and it had this cat that laid in it, like a cat does. Then every once in awhile it would paw at the controls. It was a cat in a jetpack.

That was one of those moments that helped define Overwatch. We just went, "Yeah that's probably too far." But yes. We had a cat hero."
But yeah.  Love that Doomfist response.  Hows about some sexy Overwatch boys?  S'okay.  I know what you like.

Everyone's ripped like Brad Pitt in Fight Club under those outfits.  Dayum.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Persona 5's launch trailer.

Because Persona 5 has launched!  Good lawdie.

Oh my. Project Scorpio to be unveiled through Digital Foundry!

This.  Is.  Brilliant.

For the gamer consciousness as a whole, Microsoft's successor to the Xbox One is illuminated entirely by the idea of enough muscle to really push 4K gaming and what Microsoft called "high-end VR."  I don't think anyone gives a shit about the VR angle any more, but the fact remains that a gaming console with more American Muscle than the competitor is... appetizing.

But Microsoft could go up on stage at E3 (or before, whatever) and talk up the system's specs, and then gamers on forums and Reddit would argue about what, precisely, they suggest is possible on the new advice.  After a day, or a few hours, though, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry would look at the information, and provide their analysis of what it actually means.  And Digital Foundry is the last word in video game technical analysis.  There's no one who does it better, no one more respected.

But let's skip the middle man, says Microsoft.  Let's go straight to the people who have the final word on such matters, and let the most trusted name in game tech analysis tell gamers how impressive the Scorpio is.

This is a ballsy, genius move, Microsoft.  None of that huge stage presentation crap with green walls and giant screens, no actors pretending to have a great time with tech demos - just the facts, Ma'am.


Fresh deets on Darkest Dungeon's Crimson Court DLC!

Man I felt worse over the weekend than I thought - I completely forgot to blog about the update on Darkest Dungeon's first piece of DLC! I feel particularly bad about this because it was like five days ago, but this popped up on Friday!

First up, they're calling The Crimson Court "a parallel campaign experienced alongside the main Darkest Dungeon content that will provide you with a new challenge at every difficulty level."  To me that kinda' means it works like the Reign of Giants DLC for Don't Starve - activate the DLC and the basic game we played last year will get jazzed up with all kinds of Crimson Court goodness-slash-evil.  Apparently it will further explore your Ancestor's backstory, specifically his "early days."

It'll have new enemies for your normal dungeons and a whole new dungeon in the shape of The Courtyard.  "There, amidst unique curios, traps and obstacles, a complete faction of new blood-crazed foes lie in wait, overseen by three distinct boss encounters.  These slavering enemies and epic encounters will introduce new combat mechanics, testing the limits of your favourite strategies."

Here, finally, Red Hook have also confirmed the fact that a new hero class is coming - though no details on what shape they-slash-it will take - along with new trinkets, town events and "a fresh way to expand and upgrade your Hamlet."

I love this part:
"At Red Hook, we’re working as hard as possible to deliver an exceptional DLC experience – one that enriches and expands the core game.  Our mantra is that the addition of Crimson Court represents the canonical way to experience Darkest Dungeon, and we can’t wait to deliver it to you.  We’d hoped to get it out earlier this year, but opted to delay in order to pack additional value into the free ‘Radiant’ update.  We’re looking at releasing the Crimson Court in Late May/Early June, and will keep you all up to date as work progresses.  Quality is our first priority, hence why we cannot confirm an exact date just yet."
So probably July.  Hyyype!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Ohmigosh, I helped someone get better at Tracer.

I'm a bit under the weather today, but what free time I had over the weekend was - when I wasn't indulging in Salt & Sanctuary on Vita - was largely invested in Overwatch, getting my sea legs back.  I've definitely had some bad matches - I'm not where I was - but I've also had more than a few spectacular moments.

This recent return to Overwatch (why didn't I keep playing Nier Automata? What will I do after Persona 5 drops?) has ensured I've also returned to my Overwatch media consuption, which includes the Rapida YouTube channel and, of course, NeoGAF's ninth Overwatch OT.  I am terribly conscious that my Overwatch authority extends merely to the state of the game on PS4 - not the almighty PC version - how things go at my middling gold/platinum level, and the theorycraft that my experience permits.  That said, when a Gaffer indicated that my beloved Tracer's ultimate ability was shit, I had to pipe up.

Look man, she's easier than Genji

 "Trying Tracer out. That pulse bomb is some weak shit. Some British dude called me a bell pepper for my fail. Or a bellend whtever the fuck."
First of all, I can assure you that if a British dude insulted you - between those two options - he called you a 'Bellend.'  Second, this was my response:
Chance: "Tracer's Ult lacks the teamkilling potential of most Assaults - you're never gonna' throw your pulse bomb and wipe a team outside of a perfect Zarya ult - but it also builds incredibly fast and permits you to essentially pick and assassinate high-value targets at little risk. So here's what you do: 
1. Build ult
2. Drop Ult on a large, easy-to-stick target - a Rein, Orisa, Hog, Bastion, Winston - and hope an ally is close enough to them to make it a double.
3. Repeat from step 1 
It's also worth throwing into tight groups, obviously, and I enjoy dropping it on goobers who aren't being mobile enough and making themselves easy targets. It builds so quickly that the best way to use it is constantly. If you're in the middle of a team fight and there's a tank in reach when it pops, drop it on that tank. The longer you sit on it, the less value you're getting out of Tracer.

The larger health pool you stick it to, the better. Sticking it to a McCree can be very edifying and funny, but your team will appreciate it a lot more when you fly in from above, empty your pistols into the enemy Rein, drop your pulse bomb and blink outta' there - boom - there goes their entire formation, ready for your team to sweep forward and wreck 'em.

Like this:"

The Rein takedown from the Young Love clip show remains one of my all-time favorites, but more importantly it perfectly illustrates how quickly a Tracer can eliminate a tank, if she uses her ult.  So I wrote it and tossed it up on the board and forgot about it.  But today, I woke up, felt like crap, when out to have a cigarette and...
karasu: "This has changed my game considerably. Thanks! I got two triple pulse bomb kills in one match. I didn't get play of the game because of a shitty Bastion, however. Sitting there! On his ass."
Eyyy I'm good enough at Tracer to help other people get good with Tracer!  Wooo!

Behold this terrible Agents of Mayhem trailer.

Who is the target of this?  You're not indicating any interesting mechanics, you're not even suggesting some finely-tuned and rewarding combat mechanics - it's basically like a Saturday morning cartoon, so it seems you're shootin' for kids, but then you lean on 80s action TV show music (from two different 80s shows, no less) for the last half, so you're shooting for kids of the 80s?

Either way - meh.

Launches August 15th on PS4, One and PC.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Game Diary - Overwatch, again!

I'm loving having Salt and Sanctuary on my Vita to the point that, last night, after a solid night of Overwatching, I couldn't get Salt out of my head and spent that last, sleepy half-hour before crashing just messing around with a Magician build on the PS4.  Turns out Salt has all kinds of combat mechanics I've never seen just because I always went pure melee!

But it was a very solid night of Overwatch.  Ended up going 7 wins, 4 losses almost entirely off the back of Mercy.  I've had some phenomenal Mercy matches lately.  The best was probably an Eichenwald defense where I suffered zero deaths.  Our team was not meta.  We had a Rein, a D.Va, a Symmetra and - for DPS - Mei and Orisa.  Not what one would consider a winning proposition - s'pecially with three giant health pools and just lil' ol' me to keep them all alive and kickin' - but we just rocked it.  Their Pharah kept diving on the point and I kept leading mini-charges against her.

Eventually they pulled out a Tracer that came straight for me... and I pulled my pistol and put her right into the ground.  It was gorgeous.

My best moment last night, though, hinged on the changes to Mercy's ult. Most of my team (4 of us, with Ana supporting) are on top defending on Dorado, doing a solid job of holding the reds back. Their Tracer, Soldier and Genji keep coming for the payload, and only our Soldier is stopping the thing from moving - so I'm flitting back and forth, making sure he stays alive when they come for him and backing up my Ana's healing with the main force when he's secure.

So I fly in to help him just as the red Soldier pops his ult.

The red is well-positioned to wipe Soldier and I, but I slip around and use the payload to block him as he wrecks my Soldier and turns around to find me... coming straight for him, with my blaster out.

I literally tank his ult for a moment, letting him shred my health bar down to half before popping my ult, undoing the damage he did to my Soldier and rendering myself invincible and able to finish him off.  A quick, proper BM is the cherry on top.

Ahhh feels good.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Destiny 2 - Rally The Troops trailer. Worth watchin'!

Worth watching entirely because of Nathan Fillion's performance (I wonder if someone wrote this or if Fillion just ad-libbed it?)  Either way, the lack of grimdark superseriousness is absolutely an improvement over the first game's we-promise-we're-super-epic campaign.

Also, Destiny 2 was confirmed for PC today!  It'll launch September 8th.  And I'll still be playing Overwatch.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 65 : Round 1 Fight!

Wiiith Alex!  Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - Round 1 Fight!


  • Chamberlain speaks nothing but the truth on Gravity Rush 2
  • Chance speaks nothing but the truth on Gravity Rush 2. 
  • Alex still insists Mass Effect: Andromeda is worth your money and, more crucially, time.
  • And all the news that's fit to print!
You'll have to tune in to find out really doesn't work off that last bullet point...

Gravity Rush 2 - Move.

Let it be known, this is just some simple, pure, joy-of-play action.  Nothing fancy, nothing impressive by any stretch, and nothing particularly exciting.  It's just faffing around in the game's first major open area - so one may reasonably wonder why I ever felt compelled to commit this easy breezy footage to YouTube.

I guess it's because, in the second place, Chamberlain's vile slander physically wounds me, right in the cockles.  But I hit the share button and cut it into pretty much what you see, above, weeks ago because - in the first place - after the forty-second load to get into the game when you first boot it up, I could never stop myself from just blasting off into space, launching myself across the game's floating cities, skidding down its urban slopes and swooping around.  It's just fun and fun and then fun again, to me.

It's some pure gaming pleasure.

And of course I keep thinking of all of this shit I shoulda' said to Chamberlain, before he finished the game.  I shoulda' said "think of it as a shooter.  Remember your Nine Inch Nails.  I am the bullet and the gun.  You don't go flying in one direction, stop, aim at where you wanna' go next and then hit the shift button - you put your reticle where you're going to want to shoot when you hit the perfect angle, and then taptap the shift button to immediately change your course.  You do the same thing with gravity kicks against troublesome, fast-moving bosses - shoot past them at a weird angle, turn the camera to the side, behind you, upside-down, whatever and snap down on the attack button as your target zips by the center of the screen..."

Oh well.  Woulda' coulda' shoulda'.

It appears to be Movie Trailer Day.

So let's watch some trailers!  First up, everyone's talkin' about the trailer for Stephen King's IT, which is apparently a movie that's split into two movies and here's the trailer for the first movie:


Next up, Marvel Studio's taking on the Spider-Man property after the rebooted hero debuted in Iron Man: Civil War annnd well, it's not bad.

Doesn't really blow my skirt up, but looks better than those awful Andrew Garfield movies (which is a shame 'cause Andrew Garfield himself comes across as a pretty intelligent dude).

The one that I really dig, through, has nothing to do with the actors involved.  This is Luc Besson's (Nikita, The Professional, The Fifth Element) next sci-fi flick:

...and as indifferent as I felt towards Dane DeHaan's Green Goblin in the aforementioned shitty Spider-Man flicks and as unfortunate as Cara Delevingne's part was in Suicide Squad - the spectacle of this gets me, and the imagination.  Also quick-change Rihanna.  That's crazy!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Valkyria Revolution launches June 27th in the West.

Well, in North America.  In Europe it launches on the 30th.

Physical on PS4 and Xbox One, digital-only on Vita.

I continue to approach Revolution with an abundance of skepticism.  Its gameplay is a far departure from the sublime, if relatively simple tactics of Valkyria Chronicles proper - and I didn't hear much (see: any) positivity about its Japanese launch.

Hyped at the thought of a new Valkyria game?  Yes.

Waiting for reviews?  You betcha.