Saturday, January 7, 2017

Clip Show 30 : Safe and Sound.

In a break from tradition, this clip show contains 0.0% Tracer action.  I had initially wanted it to be a general support-class clip show, with a few nice Symmetra PotGs, some Ana highlights - you get the idea.  I ended up going with just a basic Mercy one, though, because lately I've returned to playing her fairly regularly, after a long hiatus, and I kinda' missed her.  Playing Mercy is super-mellow compared to most classes, but still pretty darned exciting when you're zipping back and forth on the point, dodging enemy fire and keeping your team alive.  I have to admit, though, I'm not sure Mercy action makes for a very compelling clip show.  Maybe it's more of an homage to one of my favorite characters than an actual, good clip show.

That said, we begin with a sweet Zarya PotG I scored on Eichenwald with my brother.  This is all on my first life on the map.  Our Mercy did an excellent job of staying alive and keeping me topped up, and I like to think I did an excellent job of landing projected barriers on her when she needed it most.

0:00 - 0:28 : ...but really mad kudos go to the Sombra, who ulted in at the perfect time in the perfect position to strip the reds of any defensive abilities when I landed my graviton surge.

0:28 - 1:10 : Some people will tell you Mercy can't (1) solo heal a party or (2) hold the first point of Hanamura.  Those people don't know how to play Mercy, or have never played Hanamura with a decent team in front of them.

I like to think this clip does a good job of showing how Mercy can use the speed of Guardian Angel and the nature of her healing beam to keep line of sight on her allies without giving line of sight to her enemies, but all things considered I'm just pretty lucky that Genji lost track of me when he pulled his sword.

1:10 - 1:20 : D.Va's impending nerf can't come soon enough for me (my brother is another story), and it's true she's one of the most mobile (and thus, scary) characters in the game - but it's important to remember that as soon as she's used her boosters, she's as slow and unable to give chase as an Ana.  Unlike Mercy.

1:20 - 1:30 : Just contributing to any kill is always a thrill, on Mercy, because you pretty much need to have your staff out 100% of the time - so pulling your pistol is a special occasion.  The top 6% of Mercies only score one solo kill every three matches and participate in less than four eliminations per match, so my humble contributions feel... meaningful.

You also have a... particular perspective on the enemy supports.  When you're playing almost anyone else, you kill whatever you feel is the greatest threat to you at any given time.  When you're playing Mercy, every moment your DPS lets the enemy Mercy or Ana live stabs like a thousand needles.  You're playing a different game - it's quite consciously not player versus player, but team versus team, and you're acutely aware that the beating heart of that enemy team - the head of the serpent that the body cannot survive without - is their Mercy or Ana.  (It's worth pointing out, I suppose, that Ana has less of a problem with this - her grenade can basically pick a target, say "no heals for you" and screw a Mercy hard.)

Point being, when you get an angle on the enemy Mercy or Ana, you fucking take it.

1:30 - 1:36 : This was just a murder of opportunity.  I was hoping to support my brother when he flew up to the platform, but I hit my Guardian Angel too early and couldn't make it onto the platform - so I used my Angelic Descent to slow my fall, pulled my piece and wrecked Pharah myself.

1:36 - 1:41 : I like to think that shooting at an enemy your team is ignoring is also a very good way to say "hey, you guys should be shooting at this flanker here," but more often than not I imagine its genuine effect it to tell the enemy "the only one of them who even knows you're here is their Mercy!  Easy pickins!"

I had a far, far better Sombra kill but I lost the recording :( :( :(  it was awesome.  She snuck up behind me and began spraying me with her SMG, and I turned around and killed her before she finished emptying her clip.  But this'll do!

1:41 - 1:54 : I genuinely feel that Mercy's greatest pleasures are found in using Guardian Angel to get in and out of trouble.  I also feel that whenever a friendly Zarya pops her ult, I'm pulling my pistol (unless we have an ulting Pharah or Reaper to buff).

I mean, the math just works out.  If I buff a Soldier or Tracer, they literally have to land all their shots (at like point-blank range) to do more damage than I would do if I pulled my pistol.   If I buff a Pharah just firing rockets or a Junkrat just lobbing grenades, I'm doing less than half of my pistol's DPS - and that's assuming they get 100% direct hits.

Also how funny is it that Reinhardt just never turned around?  Nice ult, bro.  Nice ult.

 1:54 - 2:02 : As someone who plays Pharah, it's a bit of a curse.  Any time you use your ult and anyone (with decent range) on the enemy team has seen you before you activate it, you'll be dead before you've finished launching your barrage.

Actually, getting successful barrages off is harder than sticking pulse bombs on Tracer.

2:02 - 2:17 : This is the sequence I'm far-and-away proudest of in this entire clip show.  Wiping a team on Zarya is nothing compared to soloing a McCree who has the drop on me, as Mercy.  Now, I'll grant you, this is either a bad McCree (someone with little practice on the character) or a McCree who was very off his game - not killing me when he got the flashbang on me is weeeird - but c'mon.  Mercy killed McCree.  And finished him with a melee hit.

Badass fuckin' Mercy, is what that is.

Oh, and didj'a notice the part when the tank just like ran the fuck away and left their only healer alone with one of the most dangerous DPS heroes in the game?

Yeah... My brother does that a lot.

2:17 - 2:30 : I've found that Pharah is incredibly powerful against three classes - Ana, Mercy and Junkrat.  Mercy's crazy lateral mobility, with Guardian Angel, means little when she's being observed from 100 feet in the air.  You'd think Ana would be a bit scarier, but she should be healing her team, not shooting at me - and I could be a multiple amputee and still count on one hand the number of Mercys who've shot me down on Pharah.

But Mercy's pistol is actually pretty good at dealin' with Pharah.  She's no Soldier or Widow, but she's got what it takes.

2:30 - 2:43 : I can rez people!

2:43 - 2:50 : Heheh.  You suck, Sombra.

I should note, though, I fought one Sombra on Eichenwald last week that was ridiculously good.  She could pick me out of the air at thirty yards on Pharah, and no matter where I was on the map, anytime I got under 50% health, she was right there to finish me off.  They're out there, man.  Good Sombras exist.  They're just very rare.

2:50 - 3:00 : Ana Vs. Mercy is a kinda' cool matchup.  Mercy has the mobility, and higher sustained DPS (100 damage per second).  Ana has the stun of her sleep dart, and the burst damage of her grenade (100 damage on a long cooldown, +80 DPS with hip-shots from her rifle).

They're fairly evenly matched, actually, so the one who gets the drop on the other tends to just win.

3:00 - 3:05 : An oldie but a goodie - one of my all-time favorite Mercy kills.  That's some good Guardian Angel work.

3:05 - 3:28 : Back and forth, in and out, killin' turrets, bailing when it gets to hot...

3:28 - 3:36 :  I can totally rez people!

3:36 - 4:20 : This is the crescendo of a uniformly excellent match on Gibraltar (and I don't get many of those).  We held it together and pushed the first point without much difficulty and kept the momentum up for the rest of the match.  Never died, actually!  The only time I really felt out of position was when I followed my Zarya into the left flank, and our Soldier popped his ult without me there to buff him or keep him alive.  Not that it mattered, 'cause he ran right into the panic Bastion they'd pulled out to stop us on point B, who proceeded to wreck the rest of my team as I cowered behind a wall.

Well, maybe it's not cowering so much as waiting patiently for all my friends to die so I can snatch them from God's loving embrace and get them back to work.

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