Monday, January 23, 2017

New Blue Reflection trailer.

I feel this game is making a lot of assumptions about me, the player.  Do I want or need to see some CG girls like wrestling in their bras?

Fuck no.


Do I enjoy the idea of a special attack featuring a giant teddy bear who shoots laser beams out of his big button eyes?

Well, yeah.  

Have I secretly, deep down inside, always wanted to be a beautiful teenage girl in Japan, spending my days negotiating the heady problems of troubled peers who will soon be my super-best friends?

Look, it's honesty time - I think we all do.  We would like do each others' nails and plan our weddings and make up the perfect boy and just be like so random, and you could tell we really love each other because we sing together while washing the dishes.  And my hair would be so shiny. a Pantene ad.

Do I wish I was a magical girl, spending my nights battling unspeakable horrors with nothing but a crystal sword, a frilly backless dress and the omnipotent power of love?

Will I let panty shots stop me from finally living the dream?

Y'all know me.

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