Friday, January 13, 2017

New enemies are coming to Darkest Dungeon!

Okay, so the Radiant update is on its way for Darkest Dungeon - it basically gives the game an easy mode, except it's not an easy mode.  It's not supposed to be easier at all - instead, it's supposed to be shorter.  Red Hook are aware that it can take someone... quite a while to beat Darkest Dungeon.  I myself took about two years or 300+ hours, but that's mostly because I was just super-intimidated by the last dungeon and unwilling to throw my beloved champions at it.
As a rule, it normally takes like eighty-plus hours, and the Radiant update is designed to shorten that to around 40.  They're hoping to get it on PC, Mac and Linux in February, and it'll come to PS4 and Vita after everything has been hammered out an perfected.

But the Radiant update won't just feature a mode that shortens the time required to beat the campaign - it also buffs the core game with one new enemy type for each of the core dungeons, but only when you enter them on Champion levels (level 5-6 heroes).

The proud fellow on our left, here, is the Bone Bearer.
"Several seasoned adventurers have whispered, gripping tankards of ale to hide shaking hands, that new horrors await in the deepest regions of the Ruins.  The repulsive ranks of the malignant skeletons therein are said to rally around banner-bearers of extreme decrepitude.  Theirs is a blasphemous and ensorceled flag whose presence in battle lends great strength and other unspeakable assistance to their damnable kin.  These chittering fiends are even said to tap into the hoarish energies that animate the long-decayed corpses!  A new threat whose grinding teeth and shuffling steps echo endlessly in the shadowy arcades of the ruined battlements…"

I can't wait to see what we're going to get in the Warrens, Weald and Cove!  Oh also, Red Hook expect The Crimson Court will launch in April.


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