Monday, February 20, 2017

I am like, stupid-hyped for Horizon.

And it wasn't this morning when all the reviews started popping, either.  It was last night.  I don't know why, but I went to YouTube on my TV and literally watched like an hour and a half of the preview gameplay I'd ignored from a few weeks ago.  It was kinda' like when I binged Darkest Dungeon streams prior to its Early Access launch years ago.

It became clear that Horizon is kind of the game I've been wishing for Sony to make for a while, now.  For years I've been hoping that Naughty Dog would take their ridiculous technical prowess and story presentation and apply that to an RPG.  Obviously, Guerrilla don't have the storytelling chops of ND, but Horizon is a first-party triple-A-plus third-person action RPG.  All the reviews I checked today told me it's the best-looking game on the current gen - and that's lovely! - but it's the roaming, collecting, crafting, questing and most of all robodino hunting that I'm dying for.

I told Chamberlain today via email that it basically seems to be a third-person Far Cry game (with robodinos).  Fuck yes.

Sony's had a pretty hot year for exclusives so far, and it's not even March.  Yakuza 0 got a great response, I fucking love Gravity Rush 2, Nioh is popular for some reason and now Horizon.

Bringin' the noise and the funk.

Oh, also.  Y'know what's weird?  I've been wanting to replay The Order: 1886 lately.  Hmmm strangeness...

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