Sunday, February 26, 2017

Middle Earth: Shadow of War leaked.

So file this under rumor, but... Today's post shamelessly stolen from Endless. 

Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Go behind enemy lines to forge your army, conquer Fortresses and dominate Mordor from within. Experience how the award winning Nemesis System creates unique personal stories with every enemy and follower, and confront the full power of the Dark Lord Sauron and his Ringwraiths in this epic new story of Middle-earth.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, nothing will be forgotten.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition
Gold Edition includes:
• Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion
• Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion
• The Blade of Galadriel Story Expansion
• The Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion
• Gold War Chest
• Over $125 in total value

Nemesis Expansions include a new Orc Tribe featuring new enemies, followers, missions, abilities, weapons, Fortress and wilderness updates, and a Mythic Gear Set.

Story Expansions introduce a new campaign, playable character & abilities, side missions, enemies, allies & more.

Experience an epic open-world brought to life by the award-winning Nemesis System. Forge a new Ring of Power, conquer Fortresses in massive battles and dominate Mordor with your personal Orc army in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.
The leak comes from Target out of the States, and given that Shadow of Mordor was a surprise hit for WB..?  Well, I believe it.  Also they're teasing something for a March 8th reveal, so...


  1. Maybe this game will have an ending! ;)

  2. Important note: this game is specifically stated to be for Xbox One and Project Scorpio. It's a real thing!

    1. Wasn't Scorpio reconfirmed for 2017 like, last week? Also, all Xbox One games are also for Project Scorpio. S'like the Pro.