Sunday, February 26, 2017


When I made the Believer clip show, I had actually intended on using a different song.  I'd had it in my head all week, and I do this thing where when I find a new song or band I like, I'll listen to it on repeat for days on end.

I was doing a job at work that required a great deal of time, the constant work of my hands, very little from my eyes and none of my ears, so I turned on the Netflix app on my phone and started watching Mr. Right, and the song that Sam Rockwell dances over in the opening credits just kind of exploded as a brilliant one for a clip show.

So I got into Saint Motel.  Here's the good shit:

That was definitely gonna' be a Tracer clip show. Meanwhile, Benny Goodman is just a good song.

Move is the one I keep tinkering with for a Gravity Rush 2 vid.  The first time I heard it, I saw it in my head.

Kat sits on one of the busy city streets, movement and color bustling behind her as she fidgets and looks curiously around.  The claps begin, and she stands.  Silvery Moon Style trinkets appear on her arms and legs, she winds herself up like a spring annnnd - "MOVE!" - she launches into the air like a rocket, to begin.

They've got some other good stuff too.  For Elise ain't bad and I like Getaway, but if the above are Saint Motel's top 3, the #4 spot goes to Destroyer.

And that's our show.

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